Scope of LLB in Pakistan

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Scope  of LLB in Pakistan is very vast. It is basically an undergraduate degree offered by various universities in Pakistan for students who wish to pursue a career in legal profession. This is a first professional or a primary law degree for the students who want to pursue a career in this profession. Law profession is very famous in Pakistan and it is considered as a very respected profession as well.

LLB in Pakistan
LLB in Pakistan

What does LLB mean:

LLB is the abbreviation for the Bachelor of Laws. The degree abbreviates to ‘LLB’ instead of ‘BL’ due to the traditional name of the qualification in Latin, (‘Legum Baccalaureus’).

LLB (Bachelor of Law) is a three year undergraduate degree in law. If you want to join this degree then you can go for LLB after completing bachelors in any stream of study. 

Why LLB?

LLB in Pakistan is a superior choice than any nonprofessional degree after graduation. It will improve your social status in the society because it a profession which gives you power and respect at a very same time. And above of all you will be able to provide assistance to the people. After 2 years of experience, you can appear in the exam of civil judge also. Majority of law students go for MA Political Science after LLB but LLM is a more sound option. Now BA-LLB program has also been launched in Pakistan. Its a five year program

LLB subjects :


Islamic Jurisprudence

Constitutional Law

Law of Contract

Law of Torts

Qanun-e-Shahadat (1984)

Criminal Law

Law of Equity & Specific Relief Act

Administrative Laws

Company Laws

The Arbitration Act (1940)

Law of Transfer of Property

Muslim Personal Laws

Majority Act 1875

Public International Law

Constitutional History of Pakistan

Civil Procedure Code (1908)

Service Law

Criminal Procedure Code (1998)

Medical Jurisprudence

Limitation Act

Service Tribunal

Urban Rent Laws

Law of Evidence & Legal Ethics

Conveyancing & Pleading

Interpretation of Statutes

The Stamp Act 1899

Intellectual Property Laws

The Court Fees Act  (1870)

Interpretation of Statue

The Suit Valuation Act (1877)

Environment Laws

Banking Laws

Important Labor Laws

Income Tax Ordinance

Land Laws

Labor Code

Note: The courses mentioned above are the most probable ones. It is not mandatory that same subjects will be included in the syllabus of every university offering LLB in Pakistan.

Eligibility criteria:

LLB 3 years: BA,Bcom,bsc or equivalent minimum 2nd division.

LLB honours: FA, Fsc ,Icom ,Ics,A-level minimum 2nd division.

LLB in Pakistan
LLB in Pakistan

Career Choices of LLB in Pakistan :

Attorney at Law

Judicial Magistrate

Assistant Advocate General

Lecturer in Law College

Legal Adviser

Court Reporter

Additional District & Sessions Judge.

Public Prosecutor.

Attorney General.

Advocate General.

Investigation Police


Law Branch of Different Departments

Excise Inspector

Different Investigation Agencies Like Anti Corruption, NAB, CIA et

Anchor Person

Research Associate (Law)

Corporate Law Adviser

 Courts in Pakistan hire law graduates with practice of 3 to 5 years as:

Judicial Magistrate cum Civil Judge [BPS-18]

Judicial Assistant [BPS-17/BPS-16]

Other than the career choices mentioned above you can also start your career as lecturer

Salary :

Basically salary in this profession depends on your specialization and experience. The average salary of lawyer with government job is 80 k month (If you are experienced).

Options after completing LLB in Pakistan:

  • LLM
  • MA in any subject for instance Political Science, History, English, International Law,
  • Post Graduate Diploma

Universities offering LLB in Pakistan:

Punjab university law college, Lahore

Islamia college university Peshawar

The university of Karachi

University of Malakand

Bahria university , Islamabad

Islamic University

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto university

Colleges offering LLB in Pakistan:

Quaid e azam law college , Lahore

Lecole Law College, Karachi

Abott law college, Peshawar

National law college Lahore

SM law college , Karachi

SZABIST law college Karachi


This blog has all the information you need to have an information about this degree. If you want to pursue this career make it sure then there is something you need to keep in mind is experience is something which matters the most in this profession. Other than this choose your college and university wisely too and make it sure that the institutes you choose is registered one.

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Can a student get admission in LLB who having 3rd division in BA and 2nd in Master degree . Master base admission in LLB.

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I have 20 years of experience in corporate world, what are my options to learn and give exam for LLB also keeping in mind I have a day job. thanks in advance