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A Guide for Paying Cadet (NUST/NUMS)

Paying cadets are the cadets who pay their full fee, but the half fee is refunded.  Only army brat can apply for the seat, not civilians. They are also known as PCs or PC. They are selected in NUST, NUMS, and UET based on...

UHS 1st merit list 2019

Link for Merit list 2019 of KEMU Lahore is here: Link for merit list 2019 of AIMC lahore is here: Link for merit list 2019 of SIMS lahore Link for merit list 2019 of FJMU lahore Link for merit list 2019 of Sheikh khalifa bin...

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How to Study for SAT

One of the difficulties you will look with the SAT is making sense of what sort of study plan works for you and will best set you up to succeed. An SAT investigation plan isn’t one size fits all, so what works for your...

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Lessons from a Foreign Land

The blog is about lessons from a foreign land. There inevitably comes a time after graduation where you decide on your future. Some of us would go straight up for a job while others prefer pursuing some further studies. This...

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understanding a Gap Year

Analysis of a Gap Year The two words ‘Gap Year’ are a premonition of failure and strike dread in the hearts of many talented and dedicated pupils across the country as they believe that their academic careers along with their...

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