MDCAT Entry Test 2020 (Everything You Need to Know)

MDCAT 2020
MDCAT 2020

This blog will provide information related to MDCAT Entry test 2020. Are you one of those students who want to persue medical  but have very minute knowledge about MDCAT Entry Test. Then this blog is written for you. Please keep in mind that the MDCAT passing rate is not very high so in this case when Vast no of students want to ensure admission in medical institutes, You have to work very hard to achieve the goal.

MDCAT Entry test

 MDCAT is an abbreviation of medical college entry test. If you want to take admission in medical or dental institute then this test is very mandatory . In short this test is a ticket to medical institutes.  MDCAT is a objective type test . Every question is a MCQS type question.This test is taken by UHS in  order to secure admission in medical and dental institutes of Pakistan. Another  thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this test score remains valid for only one session. If  for any reason you  could not get admission in medical institutes even after you have passed the MDCAT then you will have to pass this test again for the next session.

Eligibility criteria for MDCAT 2020

  • Minimun 60% marks in FSc pre medical or equivalent.
  • If you are waiting for your result then you can apply for the test by submitting the hope certificate.

Age limit :

There is no age limit for this test.


MDCAT is very manadatory and vital in order to secure admission in Medical or Dental colleges. Although MDCAT 50% of water but this is not the only thing you need to be worried about. FSc marks hold the great importance too.

  • MDCAT: 50%
  • FSC: 40 %
  • MATRIC: 10%

So securing good marks in FSC is very vital in this field.

MDCAT 2020 syllabus :

The test is based on 4 subjects

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English

Except English subject every MCQ is taken from FSc Syllabus . So there is nothing to get worried about. If you have clear concept of the subjects mentioned above you can pass the test . But hard work is a key to success here.

MDCAT Test pattern and Time Allowed:

Talking about the test pattern first.

The test consist of 220 MCQs

MCQs Distribution on the basis of Subjects:

  • Biology: 88 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 58
  • Physics: 44
  • English: 30

Total no of MCQs = 220

Total Marks = 1100

MDCAT Marking Pattern :

  • 5 marks are awarded for every right answer
  • 1 Mark is deducted for every wrong answer (Negative Marking)
  • No negative marking on leaving a question

Time allowed :

Time allowed for this test is 150 minutes. (2.30 hours)

MDCAT Expected date :

The expected date for MDCAT 2020 is 9 August 2020

Summary : MDCAT is a very mandatory test for candidates who want to ensure admission in medical institutes and because of the low passing rate many candidates do not recieve Passing marks in MDCAT. But there is nothing to get worried about . PrepareHOW helps students in the preparation of MDCAT via their App . If you want to prepare for this test PrepareHOW will provide all the assistance you need.

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