Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs Offered by UET Lahore

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programs offered by UET Lahore

If you are confused about the the undergraduate and post graduate programs offered by UET Lahore to its applicants.Then you are at a very right place. This blog will provide you all the information related to the programs UET Lahore offers o its students.

UET Lahore:

UET Lahore is a public sector university running since last 100 years. University of Engineering and Technology UET is considered as one of the best engineering universities in Pakistan. According to HEC UET Lahore is ranked as the third best engineering university in Pakistan Another fact is that according to the QS world ranking, University of Engineering and Technology UET Lahore has been ranked 701 out of 10000 universities. Then again, UET is also ranked among the top 200 Asian universities.

UET Lahore provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduates programs to its applicants. Vast no of  colleges and institutes in Pakistan are affiliated with UET Lahore and UET itself is affiliated with many well-known universities around the world. Thousands of students apply for UET  every year but number of seats are very limited. If you are one of those who want to apply in UET then in this case hard work is the key to success

programs offered by UET lahore

Undergraduate programs offered by UET Lahore:

  1. BS Architectural Engineering
  2. B .Architecture
  3. BSc Civil Engineering
  4. BSc  Computer Science
  5. BSc Computer Engineering
  6. BSc  Electrical Engineering
  7. BSc Geological Engineering
  8. BBA
  9. BSc Environmental Engineering
  10. BSc Mechatronics and Control Engineering
  11. BSc Mining Engineering
  12. BSc petroleum and Gas Engineering
  13. BSc Chemical Engineering
  14. BSc Transportation Engineering
  15. BSc Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  16. BSc Pollymer Engineering
  17. BSc Chemical Engineering
  18. BSc Mechanical Engineering
  19. BSc Computer Science
  20. BSc Mechanical Technology

Post graduate programs offered by UET Lahore:

  1. Msc Building and Architectural
  2. MSc Integrated Building Design
  3. M. Architecture
  4. Mphil WaterRresources Engineering
  5. Mphil Water Resources Management
  6. Mphil Hydropower Engineering
  7. MSc Geo technical Engineering
  8. MSc Hydraulics Engineering
  9. M Phil Applied Chemistry
  10. M.Sc/M.phil Engineering Hydrology
  11. MS Computer Science
  12. M.Sc Environmental Engineering
  13. M.Sc Community Development
  14. MBA
  15. M.Sc Manufacturing Engineering
  16. M.Sc geological Engineering
  17. MSc Electrical Engineering
  18. MSc Computer Engineering
  19. M.Sc City and Regional Planning
  20. M.Phil Apllied Mathematics
  21. M.Sc Automotive Engineering
  22. Mphil Applied Physics
  23. MSc Metallurgical and Materials engineering
  24. M.Sc Thermal Power Engineering
  25. M.Sc Mechatronics and Control Engineering

Note: Vast no of undergraduate and graduate programs are offered by UET Lahore. There is a possibility that not all programs are mentioned in the blog. But most of them have been mentioned in the blog.

For more information related to the programs offered by UET LAHORE

Visit UET Lahore website

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