MBBS or BDS? Which medical career should I choose and why?

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MBBS OR BDS? A question that arises in most of the students mind. Many students who wish to pursue medical gets confused by the question MBBS OR BDS? Both degrees have got their very own importance. We are here to provide information related to both degrees so that you can decide which one is better for you. Read the full blog to eliminate your confusion

MBBS or BDS in Pakistan

Starting with the basic information if both degrees


MBBS Basically stands for Bachelors of Medicine, Bachelors of Surgery.


BDS stands for Bachelors of Dental Surgery.

Both degrees require a lot a hard work in different ways.

Now lets compare the both degrees:


Both degrees have got a supreme scope. But there are some facts that i am listing below.

Why should I choose BDS over MBBS:

In some way BDS has more pros then  MBBS. How? Lets see.

  • BDS is more affordable as compared to MBBS.
  • In case of MBBS, if you want to specialize in a field, you will have to study even after the completion of degree. In BDS case scenario is little different. It’s not like you can’t go for specialization after BDS, but studying after BDS is not as mandatory as in the case of MBBS.
  • BDS Employment rate is higher than MBBS.
  • MBBS takes more effort as compared to BDS in terms of study and competition.
  • BDS Admission process is less tougher as compared to that of MBBS.
  • Competition of BDS is less as compared to that of MBBS.

Why should I choose MBBS over BDS:

  • Endless job opportunities throughout the world.
  • Good support from the government and private sector.
  • Salary Packages are higher
  • Multiple Specializations are offered in MBBS which gives you more options to opt in.
  • Scope is very high

I have listed all the pros and cons of the both degrees. Now the choice is in your hands. Choose the degree wisely, according to you aims, capabilities and priorities.

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