Programs Offered by LUMS University

LUMS university can be stated as one of the top universities in Pakistan. If you are one of those students who wish to take admission in this university but are confused about the programs offered by the university. Then there is nothing to get worried about this blog is for you. For more Information please keep reading the blog.

lUMS University

LUMS University:

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is a leading Pakistani university with a supreme track record of success and ambitious plans for the future. LUMS is rated as one of top universities in Pakistan.

LUMS University status :


Programs offered by LUMS University:

Undergraduate Programs offered by LUMS University:

  1. BS Hons English
  2. BS Hons History
  3. B.A LLB Hons
  4. BS Biology
  5. BS Chemical Engineering
  6. BS Chemistry
  7. BS Computer Science
  8. BS Electrical Engineering
  9. BS Mathematics
  10. BS Physics
  11. BS (hons)Accounting and finance
  12. BS Anthropology and Sociology
  13. BS hons Mangement Science
  14. BS hons Political Science
  15. BSc  hons Political and Economics (joint major)
  16. BSc Economics
  17. Economics and mathematics
  18. Economics and mathematics (Joint Major)
  19. Economics and Mathematics (joint major)

Graduate Programs offered by LUMS university:

  1. Executive MBA
  2. MBA
  3. Mphil Education Leadership and management
  4. MS Business and Public Policy
  5. MS Health care management and innovation
  6. MS Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
  7. MS Biology
  8. MS Chemistry
  9. MS Economics
  10. MS Electrical Engineering
  11. MS Mathematics
  12. MS Physics


  1. PhD Biology
  2. PhD Chemistry
  3. PhD Computer Science
  4. PhD Electrical Engineering
  5. PhD Mathematics
  6. PhD Management
  7. Phd Physics


Applicants wishing to get secure admission in LUMS University must meet the minimum eligibility criteria to secure in admission to the Programs offered by LUMS university.But keep in  Meeting this criteria does not pledge admission to the  programs. Students are chosen for admission to LUMS Programs  based on the following factors:

  1. Academic Background
  2. Performance in the Admission Test ( SAT with essay / SAT Subject test)
  3. Completed and submitted application form and supporting documents by the stipulated deadline
  4. Interview (if called)

(Admission criteria and  test pattern can differ for different Programs for more information related to this please visit LUMS website.)

For instance:

Admission test criteria for BS Computer Science

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