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Today in this blog I would like to share some tips regarding Army Initial test. Students who want to pass the army Initial test but have very minute knowledge regarding the test, then this blog can provide assistance to you. In this blog you will find tips and ways by which you can easily pass the Army initial Test. For more information please keep reading the blog

Topics of ARMY Initial Test

Topics of Army initial Test:
Test name  Test typeTotal MCQsTime Required
Verbal TestText9635
Non VerbalImage9240
AcademicsStudy Topics e.g  Islamiat, Pak. Studies etc5040

Verbal Text examples:

To give you all a better understanding of verbal test . I am sharing an example of the Verbal Text MCQ here. It is not mandatory that the very same example will be given in the Army Initial Test. Take it as an example:

Camera is to photographer as …………. Is to the soldier

  • A: Lens
  • B: Enemy
  • C: Photo
  • D: Gun

The correct Option for the above question is D ( Gun)


The correct option is Gun because camera is something very essential for photographer, So same is the case with the relationship of Gun and Soldier. Gun is an essential for the Soldier. Its all about the common sense and general knowledge. If you have a grip on these two then the question like this is a piece of  Cake.

The very next example of Verbal Texts I am going to share here is :

Complete Missing words

  • P_ R_ _ E
  • F_ O_ _ R

Answer no 1: Purple

Answer no 2: Flower

Another Example:

Complete the series


Now if you look at the question , You can see the table of 6 & 5 in the pattern. So the answer will be


Another Example of Verbal Question:

If Nasir is coded as PCUKT and Arsal is coded as CTUCM so then SALMAN is Coded as:

If you look at the code of Nasir and Arsal carefully , You will realize that in code words the alphabets are used in this way

NASIR                   noP,abC,stU,ijK,rsT

So every third alphabet after Nasir is used in the code

Using the very similar method in the answer

SALMAN                 stU,abC,lmN,mnO,abC,noP

Code for Salman is : UCNOCP

Moving on towards

Academic Examples:

1:What companion of Prophet (P.B.U.H.) was awarded with the title of “The lion of Allah”?

A. Umar Farooque (R.A)

B. Ali Al-Murtaza (R.A) (Correct Answer)

C. Hamza bin Abdul Mattalib (R.A)

D. Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)

2: Namaz-e-Khasoof is offered at the time of __________ ?

A. Lunar eclipse (Correct Answer)

B. Solar eclipse

C. earthquake

D. heavy rain

3:Which country is called the “Land of Prophets”?

A. Saudi Arabia

B. Syria

C. Palestine (Correct Answer)

D. Iraq

4:Ghazwa-e-Badr occurred in ____________?

A. 2 Hijrah (Correct Answer)

B. 3 Hijrah

C. 4 Hijrah

D. 5 Hijrah

5:When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced?

A. 8th June 1956

B. 23rd March 1956 ( Correct answer)

C. 14th August 1956

D. 25th December 1956

6:What official name was given to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?

A. United States of Pakistan

B. Republic of Pakistan

C. Islamic Pakistan

D. Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Correct answer)

7:The first Chief of Staff of Pak Army was ________ ?

A. General Takka Khan (

B. General Ziaul Haq

C. General Sharif

D. General Ayub Khan

8:The members of Punjab Assembly are?

A. 275

B. 371

C. 237

D. 100

9:Thal desert is located in?

A. Sindh

B. Gilgit


D. Punjab

10:Defence day is observed on

A. 6th September

B. 11th September

C. 7th September

D. None of them


  • Please try to attempt all questions
  • It’s all about common sense and general knowledge. So attempt your questions while being mindful
  • Try to attempt as many MCQs as possible .
  • If you find yourself Stuck then leave the MCQ to solve it in the end. Do not waste your time on one question
  • Do not get worried or confused.

I hope this blog will provide assistance to you in the preparation for ARMY Initial Test

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