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What is PrepareHOW:

PrepareHOW is an Ed-tec startup that provide assistance to students in the preparation of entry tests of different universities and also help them in choosing the right career through the guidance sessions. PrepareHOW provides best services to students and make it sure that the preparation for entry test becomes very facile/easy for them.

PrepareHOW Objective:

PrepareHOW came about from a simple objective of making educational opportunities accessible for all. The founder of this startup, Khurshid Amin, created a purpose out of his own educational struggles by setting an aim of helping the students get equal opportunity to prepare for entrance exams and have a chance to compete in the world.

The basic objective of PrepareHOW is to provide learning opportunities, mentorship and counseling to the students who are aspiring to go for undergraduate or higher studies or to go for competitive exams to secure their future in the modern competitive world.

PrepareHOW aims to help the students via their efficient web and app based services where the students can find preparatory guidance for all the university admission tests and competitive exams. Moreover PrepareHOW also conducts informative sessions for students with an aim to help them in choosing the right career and path (According to students aims and choices). PrepareHOW wants nothing but the best for students. It has an aim to help students in their journey by providing them with all the relevant preparation material.

PrepareHOW has thus far, conducted many informative sessions for the students in the bigger cities to elevate their sense of decision making in choosing a career. The startup aims to arrange sessions in the rural sectors very soon.

PrepareHOW core products:

  1. Entry Test Preparation
  2. Career Counselling
  3. Preparatory Books
  4. Scholarship & Admission Guidance

PrepareHOW services :

  1. 100+ Acedemic artices
  2. 100+ in depth videos on different topics
  3. Preparatory books for NUST ECAT and NUMS MDCAT with vast no of MCQS (with explanation).
  4. 10,000+ Questions to help students who want to prepare for ETEA, ECAT, MDCAT, NET(NUST), GIKI, FAST, COMSATS, MUET and much more.
  5. PrepareHOW app: PrepareHOW app provides both subject wise preparation for subjects like Physics, Chemistry ,Biology, Mathematics, English, Computer Science, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning. PrepareHOW Mobile App also provides students with an opportunity to prepare for University wise entry test online.

PrepareHOW vision:

PrepareHOW envisions that one day, all the students in Pakistan will believe in their own selves, choose the right career path for themselves, and have proper guidance and learning medium available to help them through their journey.

PrepareHOW mediums:

  1. Website
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Twitter
  6. PrepareHOW App

Summary :

PrepareHOW is a student centered startup. It wants to help the students in bridging the difficulties they face during their educational career. But having a mentor that can help you in the educational phase of life make the decision making and test preparation of any kind very facile and easy. PrepareHOW works as a mentor in the life of students. Good mentorship and  guidance to ensure the best and successful future of students from all over the Pakistan can be considered as the top priority aim of PrepareHOW.

We want nothing but the best for you.

For more information related to PrepareHOW please watch our Mobile App demo below:

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