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Worried about your university interviews? Worry no more! PrepareHOW is here to help you out. In this blog, we will be answering your questions about universities or colleges admission interviews. You must prepare for these to pass your admission interview.

All of the above mentioned questions are answered below.

Are University interviews hard?

The simple answer is ‘No’. To ace an interview all you need to do is be prepared. Preparing well for your interviews makes you confident during the interview because the questions are usually very common and easy. Undergraduate entry level interviews are usually the first ever interviews students give therefore they find their interviews difficult. But, if you know about your situation well , you are good to go then.

University Interview
University Interview

How long are university interviews?

Undergraduate admission university interviews are usually short. Usually the expected time is 20-30 minutes ,but it depends upon a lot of factors. If the interview is driven in the wrong direction the time can be more than expected. The interviews are usually prepared with a list of relevant questions which they are expecting answers from the students. If the interviewers find the spark in the student they are more in towards listening to the details of the experiences of the student so the interview is usually detracted. To make the interview more relevant , the interviewer asks the relevant questions then. If the interviewee laws confidence and fails to convey his mind to the interviewer. The interviewer usually jumps to the next question in such cases and the interviewee misses the chance to share his/her experience whether he have or does not have such experience.

How are university interviews scored? (marking criteria and weight-age of the interviews)

Marking criteria various from universities to universities. Now a days, due to pandemic situation the the weight-age of the entry level interviews have been highly increased. Such as in some reputed universities, the university interviews weight age is about 50% this year. Therefore, the importance of these interviews is also highly increased. The student’s discipline, apparel and attitude towards the interviewed is clearly observed during the interview. Currently, most of the interviews are virtual yet understanding the attitude of the students towards the interview is no big deal for the experienced interviewers.

Usually the marking criteria is also variable according to the requirement of the university. Many universities are asking for the personal statements of the students before the interviews. Students are given specific headings which they have to cover in their personal statements and the interview criteria depends upon what you have provided to the interviewers in the personal statement. the questions in your interview will be based upon for experiences ,achievements and goals mentioned in the personal statement.

Moreover the interviewers will also be evaluating your ethics ,values and morals in the interviews by whatever you tell them.

How important are these interviews?

Interviews are important! They are important for everyone who wants to secure admission in their desired universities. As mentioned earlier due to this COVID-19 situation the weight-ages of the interviews are highly increased to compensate for the entry tests therefore scoring good in an interview is an essential element of getting admission in a reputed university.

When are university interviews held?

University interviews are usually held after the submission of admission application in the university. In the COVID case some of the national universities have cancelled their admission tests and are taking interviews right after the application and personal statement acceptance. Whereas, generally, firstly, you have to submit the application. Then, you have to give the entry test; afterwards, you have to submit the personal statement and upon the acceptance of the personal statement you are called for the interview.

What are the interview questions?

Having an idea about the types of the questions in an interview is a great blessing and luckily it is not difficult to know what you will be asked, the questions are very simple and common. But, when asked from you, the simplest questions become the most difficult ones. Questions such as mentioned below,

  • Why are you the best fit for this university?
  • Why are selecting this particular course?
  • How does your previous academic record supports your decision?
  • What are your future goals?
  • What benefit will go get from this course?
  • details about extracurricular activities.
  • Group activity details

How to prepare about the interview?

Before sharing with you how to prepare for the interview I want to tell you to be honest in the interview because if you will be honest it will be easier for you to answer the questions. If you will fake any thing your confidence will dwindle and you will not be able to continue with your lies. Here are few tips related to the preparation of the interview.

  • Revise in detail your past academic record
  • Search about the university before your interview
  • Search about the programme you are applying in before even applying and support your arguments with reasons in the interview
  • Revise your personal statement and have a clear knowledge of the flaws in your personal statement because they will always become the reasons for the questions in the interviews
  • connect with the students who are done with the interviews to know about their experiences
  • Connect with the seniors to have knowledge of their experiences in their interviews

Miscellaneous preparation for the interviews

These are some common sense things which must be considered before the interview but discussing them is essential

  1. Dress well
  2. Smell good
  3. Be fresh and vigilant
  4. Control your nerves
  5. Be prepared with your profile
  6. Do not be over confident
  7. Listen to the interviewer’s question completely
  8. Think before you answer and take your time to answer
  9. Ask the interviewer if you have any questions

For more interview tips/tricks, you can visit UCAS Website.

If you want to prepare for your entrance exam or you need any admission or scholarship related guidance, you can visit PrepareHOW Admission Entry Test Portal or you can download the App.

Here is a blog to know more about PrepareHOW.

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