How To Apply For NUST on the basis of NET & SAT

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How to apply for NUST  is one of the most common question that arises in the mind of the students. NUST University can be stated as the dream universities for students. And if you are one of those students who have typed how to apply for nust on google for 100 times but didn’t get any satisfactory result than this blog is for you . For more information please keep reading the blog.

how to apply for nust

Today in the blog I will share two very effective ways with you all through which you can apply to NUST. My advice is try to apply on all 3 so that your chances on securing the admission increase. It is very possible that you get succeed . Starting with the very first and common way to apply for NUST. Yes You got it right NET.


NET stands for nust entrance test. The vital part that needs to be discussed here is that NET is conducted three times a year. If you avail all your chances and give NET  three times a year then NUST will use your highest score from all the attempts. Although most of the students only give the NET 3 alone but I don’t think that’s a good idea because it lessens your chances to secure admission.

 If you apply for NET two or three times a year then you become familiar with the time constraints, test pattern, types of questions involved in the test and obviously this exposure increase your chance of getting admission in your dream university. And please keep in mind that NET is not as difficult as it seems to be. With hard work everything is possible .


Candidates applying for NET have choice to select the mode for the entry test

  • Computerized Based Entrance Test
  • Paper Based Entrance Test

Computerized entrance test are conducted in the main campus of NUST, located in ISLAMABAD.

On the other hand the paper based entrance test is conducted in Karachi as well as Quetta.



  • ​Mathematics ​ ( 80 mcqs )
  • ​Physics  ( 60 mcqs )
  • ​Chemistry  ( 30 mcqs )
  • English ( 20 mcqs )
  • Intelligence  ( 10 mcqs )

Computer Science:

  • ​Mathematics   ( 80 mcqs )
  • ​Physics  ( 60 mcqs )
  • Computer Science ( 30 mcqs )
  • ​English  ( 20 mcqs )
  • ​Intelligence  ( 10 mcqs )

 BS Applied Biosciences:

  • Biology ​ ( 80 mcqs )
  • Chemistry  ( 60 mcqs )
  • Physics  ( 30 mcqs )
  • ​English  ( 20 mcqs )
  • ​Intelligence  ( 10 mcqs )

Business Studies / Social Sciences:

  • Verbal (English) ​ ( 80 mcqs )
  • Quantitative (Mathematics) ​ ( 80 mcqs )
  • Intelligence  ( 40 mcqs )

NET Information:

  • Time: 180 Minutes (3 Hours)
  • Total no of  MCQs: 200
  • Marks you need to secure: Above 120 ( atleast)
  • Total Marks: 200
  • 01 MCQ =01 Marks
  • Negative Marking: None
  • Conduction: By NUST

 NUST Weightage formula:

  • Matriculation/O-Level: 10%
  • HSSC/A-Level/Equivalent/DAE or HSSC Part-I: 15%
  • NUST Entry Test: 75%

HOW TO APPLY FOR  NUST / Second method

Applying on the basis of SAT

If for any reason you don’t want to apply for NET then  you can apply on the basis of SAT . Just in case if you don’t know SAT can be defined as multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test created and administered by the College Board. It is a very competitive test. If you have good conceptual skills then SAT is a very good choice for you. And we know that vast no of students apply for NET every year as it is a very common way to get admission in NUST, that is why NET becomes more competitive.

On the other hand less applicants apply for SAT, so with less applicants the chance of securing admission gets increased. The good news is SAT is conducted multiple times in a year so appear for it when you feel like fully prepared for it. Merit list for candidates applying on the basis of SAT for national seats is prepared separately by NUST . Please keep in mind that there are a few exceptions to those who can apply on basis of SAT, you can check the information from the website or admission offices of NUST.

Other than this Pakistani students can also apply for NUST on the basis of criteria set for International students. For more information please visit NUST website.

I hope with the help of this blog you got the answer to your ‘’ HOW TO APPLY FOR NUST’’ Question.

For NET 2 and NET 3 schedule in COVID- 19 Days please watch

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