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NUST Entry Test (NET) is the admission test for the prestigious National University of Science And Technology. We will discuss about the NUST merit list 2020, when was it announced and where can you see it.

Since NUST Merit lists are not publicly released like other university entry tests, we have to rely on students and other sources to compile data about the closing merit in each merit list for each respective disciple. Thus, there are often various different merit numbers in merit lists so the errors are expected.

Nust Merit List
NUST Islamabad Campus

Details Of NUST Merit List 2020

NUST entry test has been successfully conducted this year which includes the computer based tests in Islamabad and the paper based tests in Quetta and Karachi. Since there are many courses offered in NUST and there are a lot of applicants as well, there are almost 8-9 merit lists uploaded each year for engineering, business and other disciplines.

For the year 2020, the merit list was uploaded on NUST Official Website where you can check it by searching your registration number of roll number. NUST merit list was uploaded on their website on 15th September 2020. The delay in uploading the merit list this year was due to the paper based test’s results which were held in Quetta and Karachi being announced on 11th September 2020.

We will upload the merit list whenever we have access to it so you can keep on checking and visiting the PrepareHOW site where we will be regularly updating blogs regarding NUST merit list and will publish the merit list when it comes out soon. For now, you can have an idea of the merit from the previous merit list given below.

nust merit list

NUST Merit Lists:

NUST Merit list works like this that the merit lists are announced and they contain the maximum/closing merit number of each disciple mentioned in it. A new merit list is released and each one further extends the closing merit number of each disciple.

With this in mind i have attached the NUST merit list while you can also understand for reference that the merit list for this year will also be somehow similar to it. However keep in mind that we are merely assuming that NUST merit list for year 2020 will be similar to previous years but we can at least take it as a reference.

(Attached is the previous merit list for your understanding. Any errors and omissions can be mentioned in the comments below)

Closing merits of Engineering/Computer Science  
FieldClosing merits
Civil Engineering (Risalpur)1740
Environmental Engineering (Islamabad)3486
Civil Engineering (Islamabad)1163
Geo Informatics Engineering (Islamabad)5593
Mechanical Engineering (Islamabad)440
Electrical (Telecom) Engineering (Rawalpindi)652
Computer Software Engineering (Rawalpindi)1869
Electrical Engineering (Rawalpindi)160
Mechanical Engineering (Rawalpindi)665
Computer Engineering (Rawalpindi)2342
Mechatronics Engineering (Rawalpindi)1426
Electrical Engineering (Karachi)2353
Mechanical Engineering (Karachi)1764
Avionics Engineering (Risalpur)1663
Aerospace Engineering (Risalpur)645
Electrical Engineering (Islamabad)1048
Software Engineering (Islamabad)1040
Computer Science (Islamabad)1653
Chemical Engineering (Islamabad)1283
Materials Engineering (Islamabad)2377
NUST Merit List
nust merit list
NUST Main Office


I recommend you all to keep visiting the NUST Admission portal regarding announcement of the merit lists as well as other news for future and you can also check our website. We will be uploading and updating blogs about NUST Merit list as well at PrepareHOW NUST Entry Test Preparation Platform.

If you would like some further information regarding NUST Entry Test, you may find that in the links provided below:

For more information you can also visit and download our App for entry test preparation:

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nust merit list
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Please read the whole blog. Everything is explained.

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Merit matlab kitni percentage honi chahiye from Karachi Board for Aerospace And Avionics Engineering

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What about bs architecture

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Merit MATLAB ??? HoW much percentage is required for aerospace and Avionics Engineering??? From Karachi board

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what is merit position? If I have merit position of 150, then does that mean my merit position in overall admissions or just admission in the particular field I am applying for? And how many lists are going to be displayed?

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what is the closing merit of nust fr bs phy in 2020