AghA khan university (AKU) | all you need to know

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Agha Khan University-AKU

AKU is the number one medical institution of Pakistan. According to some verified statistics, AKU’s contribution in biosciences in Pakistan is 75% and all other highly reputed medical institutes contribute just 25% in the research. With just this small piece of information, we can realize that this institution is research-oriented and students are encouraged to think out of the boxes so that they contribute to the society by playing their part in the research. It is found out that almost 50 publications in the reputed journals are due to the contribution of the undergraduate students.

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This image shows the outer side of the AKU-Hospital where the students get training related to dealing with the patients

You can visit AKU website to know more about the university

You can visit the Wikipedia page to know about hospital and the university

You can visit PrepareHOW blog to know about how to prepare for the admissions

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