Need Based Scholarship at Bahria University

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Bahria University offers Need Based Scholarship for BS students supported financially by the Higher Education commission. Students that are deserving and financially low are provided this Need Based Scholarship.


Even though Bahria University is a public based university, it has a comparatively high fee structure. This is due to the high standard of education and facilities provided to the students.

Hence Bahria University offers this need based scholarships. So that financially disadvantaged students have access to high quality education and good career opportunities in future.

Another aim is to promote opportunities for students of remote and rural areas of Pakistan like FATA, KPK, Southern Punjab, Balochistan, and parts of Sindh

Eligibility Criteria for Bahria University Need Based Scholarship/Financial Assistance.

  • Undergraduate students are aimed for this Need Based Scholarship.
  • The admission must be secures by the student in their desired Undergraduate field, get enrolled in the 4 years degree program.
  • Students already enrolled in a program within the university can also apply.
  • The student must maintain a minimum of 75% attendance.
  • The student must maintain academic standards of the university.
  • The eligibility is also linked to the student’s financial needs. The financial background of the family is also taken into consideration.
  • There are limited seats for this Scholarship and the University decides the number of slots.
  • The student retains the scholarships throughout the completion of degree. If he/she withdraw their admission at any point, the next student in the waiting list is preferred.
  • All programs are eligible for the scholarship. But the university has the authority to decide if any program must be excluded or included depending upon the fee structure, and the number of seats and considering other factors as well.
  • The university can adjust total number of scholarships to an extent in order to cover the tuition fees.
  • In addition to the financial support, the student also gets a Rs.6000/- stipend per month for the entire length of the program.


The Needs Based Scholarship program covers funds for the following expenses:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Books
  • Other Academics Costs


A few documents need to be submitted. To download the forms and get guidelines for application visit HEC page here.

For further information regarding the HEC scholarship visit the website:


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