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Analysis of a Gap Year

The two words ‘Gap Year’ are a premonition of failure and strike dread in the hearts of many talented and dedicated pupils across the country as they believe that their academic careers along with their pride and honor are at stake since failure to enroll at the premier institutes probably shows one’s inability and lack of interest in academics.

Gap Year Symbolized
A depiction of the gap year

Over the previous years, many have succumbed to the sensation of gap year as they were not properly equipped to make the transition from school to college. The roots of a gap year can be traced back to multiple things including negligence by the pupil, lack of proper training/counseling and personal turmoil.

The source of anxiety among students resides in the fact that the continuous process of education would be affected by opting for a gap year as they would feel as outcasts in the society and aspersions would be stain their academic prowess and record.

The last source listed above is the driving force for students since they believe that choosing an unsuitable program or institute is a viable option relative to entering a gap year. Unfortunately, many of the pupils in Pakistan ignore their innate talents and choose a field that is not arousing to them but also a drain of their resources and talents in order to preserve their honor and dignity among their peers, family and associates.

This perspective of a gap year resides in various social classes found in our country and as stated has gulped numerous talents who would have been indispensable to the growth of the society and the country itself.

The ladder to a gap year has many dominos and each is detrimental to the next one.

One of the prime reasons that pupils face the prospect of a gap year is due to the lack of counseling and training they receive during their senior year at high school. The students have no prior knowledge of the programs offered in the country along with the premier institutes that offer the programs. Here is a detailed blog about HOW TO CHOOSE A RIGHT CAREER AFTER 12TH.

Many of the students enrolled in top schools and colleges of the country are ignorant and aim to go abroad in pursuit of a program or field which is also well established in Pakistan and would add more value to their experience and academics as compared to a fully pampered education in some fancy country.

 The lack of understanding of the test pattern along with the deficiency in concepts also plays a vital role in failure to secure admission as the students only focus on certain aspects of the course rather than giving it a through attention and time since the goal of attaining education is to be proficient and confident about yourself and your abilities rather than just passing an exam.

The responsibility also falls squarely on the students shoulders as he/she is unable to communicate with the current students enrolled to inquire about the intricacies involved in the education process, the academic life etc.  and extract the right opportunity.

The financial duress of an individual also contributes to the ability of a student to achieve top notch education. As can be seen all over the world, education has become a very profitable business rather than a sacred duty and nearly everyone has lost conscience and developed facilities to profiteer from this basic human necessity thus driving the cost of education through the roof.

In times like these it becomes more difficult to opt for a major since it would cost an individual more money than he/she can earn in a sufficient amount of time. Paired with the issues and the standard of living in a country like Pakistan, this only pours jet fuel on a fire that is already raging. 

The remedy to financial circumstances is the government and the premier institutes coming forward with alternate solutions, grants and opportunities that would prop up the education sector, alleviate the situation and harness the sheer talent that is present in Pakistan. But as of this day, there is no materialization of this situation since we face the threat of a soaring pandemic which has crippled the already fragile state.

You can check the remedies for all of the mentioned factors by conducting a thorough search on the internet and following some of the provided links.

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