Army Medical College Merit List for PC, MC and NC

In this blog we will be giving information about Army Medical College merit list. Army Medical College also known as AMC is one of the most prestigious medical colleges in Pakistan. I hope you will find this blog informative.

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There are three different ways to apply for admission in Army Medical College and they are briefly summarized below:

1) Admission by NUMS Entry Test

2) Admission via Paying Cadets (PC’s) { This is only for children of army officers}

3) Admission as Medical Cadets 

Since the merit list for Paying Cadets and Medical Cadets is very different and the path for application and announcement is different, we will be talking about Army Medical College merit list for NUMS Entry Test. This is the most common way of application for admission in Army Medical College as well and has the highest number of applicants.

Since NUMS Entry Test will be held on 11th October 2020 and after that admissions for AMC will open, there is no merit list understandably for this year (2020) as of yet but when the test will be held and the merit list will be announced, we will update the blog and add it accordingly.

Merit Lists

So attached are the Army Medical College merit lists for 2019 which includes both the 1st and 2nd merit list for AMC.

1st and 2nd merit list for AMC

The merit for this year i.e. 2020 will be similar to last year’s albeit with some slight increase or decrease.


I hope you had a good idea of Army Medical College merit lists for last year which will understandably be similar to this year’s when the NUMS Entry test will be held. This blog will be updated with the new merit list (of 2020) when it will be released so you can keep visiting this blog as well as keep visiting the PrepareHOW site for updates regarding merit list.

You can also visit NUMS AMC site for merit list updates as well.

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