Department of Mathematics at NUST

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Department of Mathematics at NUST

Department of Mathematics at NUST School of Natural Sciences is right now offering the accompanying projects in Maths:  

1.    Postgraduate Programs: 

             a.    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) 

             b.    Master of Science (MS) 

2.    Undergraduate Program: 

                     Bachelor of Science (BS)   

SNS began a four years MPhil prompting the Ph.D. program in 2004. In 2012, the structure of the program was updated and separate projects at MPhil (presently MS) and Ph.D. levels were presented. Altogether there are 30 credit hours in the MS program. This incorporates 24 credit hours obviously work and 6 credit hours are saved for research. The Ph.D. program comprises of 18 credit hours coursework and 30 credit hours postulation. Subsequent to finishing course work, Ph.D. understudies are needed to clear the exhaustive tests according to the NUST strategy. The course work of the projects is planned keeping in see the worldwide norms, HEC rules, and public requirements. After finishing MS in Mathematics intrigued understudies get confirmations in unfamiliar and nearby colleges effectively which is a pointer of the way that our degrees satisfy the global guidelines. MS and Ph.D. course educational programs can be found here and here, individually. 

BS Mathematics program was begun in 2010 which is a four-year program in-accordance with the necessities of the Higher Education Commission for the award of the degree. The course work of BS Mathematics is planned by the vision of NUST (See Vision and Mission of NUST) and rules of the Higher Education Commission. The portrayal of the course educational program for eight semesters and course layouts can be found here here.pdfhere.pdf. The program conceives the elevating of the principles of advanced education in arithmetic in Pakistan and is in pace with the quickly developing innovative upheaval. The courses remembered for this program are a fine mix of the center, unadulterated, and applied mathematics. 

The primary topic of the projects is to prepare understudies in different fields of Mathematics for their better comprehension of Mathematics which prompts deep-rooted fruitful professions.  

To get a confirmation in any of these projects, if you don’t mind visit:

General data about admissions to BS/MS/Ph.D. can be found on:

To know the qualification standards, charge structure, a span of the program and confirmation measure, and so on. For any broad inquiries, you may write to [email protected] 

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Entry Test Preparation -PrepareHOW App

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