11 Winter Things to Look Forward to in GIKI

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Before starting the 11 winter things in GIKI, by now most of you would already be familiar with the phrase “Winter is coming”  as a direct reference to HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, but little newcomers here would know that winter in GIKI can be pretty serious stuff. For starters, the temperature can go into the minus zone, traveling home can be frustrating due to fogs and the desire to stay in your nice and cozy bed instead of going to your 8am class is at its peak (we’re sure this has already happened to most of you newbies by now). Yup people, it can be a real pain in the rear. And you’ve merely experienced it at its weakest.

But having said that, the cold here isn’t all that bad and actually could be something one can really enjoy and that’s exactly what our latest article is about. So with the leaves falling and the days getting shorter, we this time present our pick for the 11 winter this to watch out for to signify that winter is indeed coming.

11. Coffee/Tea from Israr

20161031_114411 - Copy.jpg

Doesn’t matter if you’re a tea person or a coffee person, Israr has it for all and it’s one time of year where the coffee and tea people can co-exist in peace. But with great warmth comes great patience. So be careful not to scorch your tongue while you sip on the frothy goodness.
TIP: Remove the froth and cream on with the mixing stick to get the drink right down to the right temperature.

10. Peshawari Hats and Shawls


Look guys, if you haven’t bought one of those traditional hats and shawls of KPK yet, then you need to go RIGHT NOW and get one(but after reading our entire article of course). O’mara your GIKI experience is incomplete if you haven’t tried it yet. Especially you young lads from Sindh, it’s time you put down your Sairaiki cap and try a bit more of a local touch. It’s all in the name of local spirit. *Hint: They come in different colors too.

9. Hot Showers

hot-shower.jpgAs much as we want to talk about saving water and saving our resources, we would be lying to you if we told you that we conserve water when taking a hot shower in GIKI. It’s our guilt, but a luxurious guilt it is. Nothing beats standing under the stream of heavens finest; it’s the type you never want to end. But alas it does, and when you do step out of the shower and get hit by newtons law of cooling, you know just where to go….Refer to point #11

8. Campfire at Ayyan

campfire.jpgIt’s cold, we get it. But not cold enough. ‘Abhi tou thand shuru hui hai’. And as the temperature decreases, the activities in this university increases. And no winter list can be complete without adding one of the highlights of GIKI. Campfires at Ayyan. Make sure you have a big enough crowd, a guitar, and some good luck getting a vacant spot.

7. Hoodies


Hoodie season is something everyone around the world looks forward to and for a good reason too. They’re warm and cozy, it’s like a free constant hug when on and mostly the fact you can just wear it on whatever you were sleeping in and go straight to your class (Trust us, it’s a life saver!)

6.Foggy Mornings

12932907_991422927615893_3495602073049514657_n.jpgGIKI is known for quiet mornings on weekends and when the fog rolls in, it can feel even quieter and on some occasions even deserted. The non-smokers even get to pretend they are smokers for a few months(don’t know how that works but it does). And mornings are as magical as how Kevin McCallister was when he wakes up in Home Alone and remembers that he has his entire house to himself. If you have a room with a good view, then you are in for a surprise.

5. Sun Rises


One of the best things about pulling off a successful all-nighter in the winters is that you’re rewarded with one of the most magical moments you can experience here. And the best part is that the sun rises from the mountain side opposite to GIKI, compared to the summer sun which kicks off from behind the trees. Personally, I would go for a jog at sunrise; it’s ecstatic!

4. Late Night Movies


It’s the weekend, you’re already done with your assignments and have the preparation for that quiz down and it’s the middle of the night but you can’t sleep and you don’t know what to do, or at least just the latter part. Well, one of our personal favorite suggestions would be to make yourself warm and cozy, dim the lights order yourself some food and lay back and watch something, could be a movie, series or even a documentary. You can relax alone or invite a friend over and have fun doing so. It’s  something you’ll have to do to understand but take it from us, it’s memorable.*Pro Tip: We would suggest something in horror.

3. Street Food Gets Better


Steaming pakoras, french fries, samosas coupled with tea and your best friends at the tuc when there’s fog rolling in topped with a slight drizzle on a weekend afternoon. Didn’t take us much to have you dreaming about that now, did it? We believe it’s a natural inclination for all Pakistani’s to crave that scenario and we can’t really blame anyone for it. GIKI gives you the perfect platform to experience this scene firsthand, especially after a good days work.  So the next time you find yourself in fog and rain, do pair it with some street food and see the magic happen.

2. Society Trips


Worked yourself to death on that All-Pak, yet managed to pull off a super successful event, huh? Well, the feeling you get when you do something like that can be really rewarding but what if we told you it doesn’t stop there? It’s true, depending on your event heads and the money left after the event you hard workers might be in for a treat that you’ll definitely remember regardless where you go. Could be an adventurous journey to the Northern areas or even a relaxing day spent at Monal. It’s the best time of the year to have these trips and you also get the added bonus of having (most) expenses already paid!

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This blog is taken from the GIKI BlogPost and all the credit goes to them. All thanks to GIKI Alumni Association and to the one and only Rayyan Zahid (Batch 24) – Vice President Marketing – GIKI Alumni Association.

Rayyan Zahid is serving a role that aims to grow and maintain one of the greatest collection of human capital in Pakistan. His responsibilities revolve around building a nexus of opportunities from a network consisting of 6000+ professionals from 70+ countries that are part of the alumni association. He also served as Assistant Manager E-Commerce for Reckitt Benckiser in the past and is currently settled as Climate Reality Leader in United States.

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