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Are you confused about the scope of Environmental Sciences in Pakistan? Then this blog is going to provide assistance is eliminating your confusion and will also provide you will all the Guidance material you need to know about the scope of Environmental  Sciences. For more information please continue reading the blog.

Environmental Science:

Environmental science is a  holistic  interdisciplinary subject, so it deals with studying elements of biology, chemistry, physics, geography and  the discipline goal is to understand how earth works and how it supports life. It also aims to classify, control, and prevent commotion to its systems and species caused by human activities

Point that needs to be noted here is that fieldwork is a key part of studying environmental science. Travelling to different countries is also a part to experience a  different range of habitats and climates of your job to experience a range of habitats and climates or it could be focusing on a particular ecosystem and involve a significant amount of work in a single location. Laboratory work is also a  vital element of studying environmental science. Your degree will also teach you how to analyze different samples and interpret their results.

Environmental Scientist :

The very next question that arise in your mind is who is environmental scientist Basically Environmental scientists are the ones who solves problems  First they do research about environmental and health problems to determine their causes and come up with solutions. They investigate  bizarre issues like mysterious deformations in frogs, unexplained cancer occurrences, melting of glaciers, ozone layer depletion , vanishing of species etc

Environmental scientists conduct research to identify the source and root of these types of problems, and also try to find the solution to minimize and eliminate the issues . Conducting  theoretical research to give the detailed explanation on how the natural world works also comes under the category of these scientists  

Various environmental scientists and specialists focus on environmental issues, while some also focus on issues relating to human health. In short they work on decisive issues and also solve them

Degree and Eligibility criteria

EducationAdmission criteria
BS 4 Years
MS/ M.Phill (if BS/M.Sc.) 2years
 Ph.D. 3.5 Years  
FSc. Pre-medical Equivalence if other than FSc (A’Level etc) Entry Test for BS (bs criteria) 

Scope of environmental sciences in Pakistan:

Scope of Environmental sciences is very vast in Pakistan. This is an emerging field. With the passage of time world is facing many issues that needs to be solved. Basically world is becoming very conscious about environment and ecology. That’s why the demand for environmental scientists is rapidly increasing. Environnmental scientists or ecologist can get job in many industries

Career prospects for Environmental Sciences:

 After completing the degree you can become:

  • Environmental scientist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Biotechnologist
  • Environmental   Geologist
  • Environmental Biologist

Environmental science is a degree with first-rate career prospects. This degree provide you with excellent employment areas and jobs choice.

Employment areas for Environmental science graduates:

  • WASA
  • Air pollution management wing
  • Testing labortaries
  • Survey plants companies
  • Research centers
  • Municipal councils
  • Environmental protection NGO
  • Irrigation Ministry Department
  • Green Peach

Job Types:

  • NGO Worker
  • Government servant
  • Green plant writer
  • Regulator
  • Teacher/lecturer
  • Environmental Consultant Expert

Salary :

The average Environment Engineer salary is PKR 51,064 per month. Fresh graduates start at PKR 26,000 While experienced one can also have jobs with salary more than 1lac per month.

Universities offering Environmental Sciences in Pakistan:

  1. The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur        
  2. Gomal University, D.i. Khan
  3. Government College University, Faisalabad           
  4. University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad
  5. Karakoram International University, Gilgit
  6. University Of Gujrat
  7. University Of Haripur         
  8. Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
  9. Bahria University, Islamabad
  10. International Islamic University, Islamabad
  11. Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
  12. University Of Sindh, Jamshoro
  13. Federal Urdu University Of Arts Science &Technology, Karachi
  14. Kohat University Of Science &Technology, Kohat
  15. Government College University, Lahore
  16. Kinnaird College For Women Lahore
  17. Lahore College For Women University Lahore
  18. University Of The Punjab Lahore
  19. University Of Veterinary And Animal Science Lahore
  20. Lasbela The University Of Agriculture, Water, And Marine Sciences, Uthal Lasbela

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3 years ago

Can environmental science student apply in FBR or FIA?

Farwa rani
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I am a student of Environmental Sciences 6th symaster but in Pakistan we just have jobs at university level. All the agencies and industries already have their environmental specialist hence our departmental students are jobless. Why this subject is not at school or college level? I think if we want to keep environment safe then we should furnish the minds of students in early age like at school and college level. If Pakistan have started this program then it’s responsibility of government to increase the worth of this programme i observe public give value to those things that have scope by earning point of view in that specific region.

Farwa rani
2 years ago

In this blog you have mentioned that we can do teaching after BS environmental Sciences but literally in Pakistan we cannot do job at school or college after this degree. Girls are able to do job after m. Phil or PhD at university level. Our prime minister always talk about environment but this programme don’t have scope in reality. A lot of students after graduated in this programme are jobless because industries already have their environmental specialist. We should try to increase first of all worth of this subject then we can do something to save our environment that is great blessing of Allah.I think we should arise the value of this subject at initial level of study in our country like other Sciences subjects.

1 year ago
Reply to  Farwa rani

From which university you graduated?