Programs Offered by Comsats University

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Programs offered by COMSATS

This blog will provide information about Programs offered by Comsats University. if you are one of those students who are confused about the programs offered by Comsats University. Then this blog will provide assistance to you. For more information please keep reading the blog:


COMSATS one of the prime Universities in Pakistan . It has 8 campuses all over the Pakistan. Comsats University is one of the rapid growing research – based institutions in Pakistan, with a vast range of academic programs (ranging from basic sciences to cutting rim rising technologies) and a network of inter-disciplinary research centers making it an supreme place for  students who want to pursue higher studies. If we talk about the ambience of university then you should know that the lecture rooms in comsat are fully furnished.

Comsats Ranking

  • Ranked No 1 in IT
  • 3rd in general category
  •  6th in overall universities of Pakistan
  • Ranked among top 250 Asian Universities

Comsats Campuses:

  • Islamabad
  • Abbottabad
  • Wah
  • Lahore
  • Attock
  • Sahiwal
  • Vehari
  • Virtual Campus

Programs Offered by Comsat University :

Total number of programs offered by COMSATS = 97

Under Graduate programs offered by Comsats University

  • BS Media and Communication Studies
  • BS Statistics
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Software Engineering (Non-Engg)
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Business Administration
  • BS Economics
  • BS Accounting & Finance
  • BS Physics
  • BS Statics
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Earth sciences
  • BS Telecommunication and networking
  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Electrical Power Engineering
  • BS Bio Technology
  • BS Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Architecture

Graduate programs offered by Comsats University

  • MBA
  • MS Physics
  • MS Statistics
  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Chemical Engineering
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Management Science
  • MS Project Management
  • MS English (Linguistics & Literature)
  • MS Economics
  • MS Chemistry

PhD Programs offered by comsats University:

  • PhD Physics
  • PhD Statistics
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Chemical Engineering
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Management Science
  • PhD Mathematics

Not every Program mentioned above is offered in every campus of Comsat University . For more information related to this please click on the link below:

Comsats Offered Programs


  • Intermediate or Equivalent with at least 50% marks from an accredited institution
  • Valid NTS Score as per the policy of COMSATS UNIVERSITY Islamabad

Eligibility criteria differs for different disciplines. To know the Eligibility criteria of every program please click on the link given below

Eligibility Criteria of Under Graduate Programs

Eligibility Criteria of Graduate Programs

PHD Eligibility Criteria

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