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Best University title got your attention right ? Today in this blog, I will try my best to answer the question that comes under the category of most asked questions. Most of the students ask by giving the options of two universities, and want us to choose the best one for them. But we have adopted a slightly different method to teach you in this matter. Read the whole blog to know which university is the Best University for you

Best university

We are not naming any university here because naming the university can be pretty confusing and there is possibility of getting biased. So we are giving you some very helpful tips that can help you in finding which university is best university for you.

Points to keep while choosing the Best University:


The very first thing you need to consider while choosing the best university for you is accreditation. If university is not accredited by the official agencies then you should not take admission in that university If university is an engineering university and is accreditated by HEC but not PEC (Pakistan Engineering commission then keep in mind that you will get your degree but you won’t be considered as Accreditated engineer. Same is the thing for Medical field if university is accreditated by HEC but not PMDC, then it’s not a right choice for you.

Courses Offered in University:

The next important thing is courses. If you want to pursue a certain degree. For instance BS Computer then you have to analyze the courses in the degree of Computer science. Like what are the courses that are offered in BS CS, Specialization courses and all the information related to the degree should be considered before choosing the university. If a certain university is offering your favorite degree but the courses are of no interest for you. So choose the university while keeping in mind the courses and specialization details.

Admission rate:

Most of the students do not consider this factor as an important one, but I am telling you that it’s an important factor to consider. Please before choosing the university, Check the admission rate of university. Admission rate means how many students apply for the university and how many get enrolled in the university. If admission rate is very low then you can go for another University.

Graduation rate of University:

Graduation rate is something which matters the most. Students take admission in University with a aim to get graduated obviously. So please do good research related to the graduation rate of university. If graduation rate is low it means that the marking system is pretty tough. So opt your university after keeping in mind the graduation rate of university

Dues and scholarship:

The most important thing to keep in minds is fees structure of University. Sometimes fee structure is not ideal for you. Choosing the university with a fee structure that is contrary to the financial status is not a sound thing to do. But still there are talented students who are from remote areas and they want to pursue higher studies. So in that case look if university is offering financial aid or not. By financial aid I mean scholarship. If university has a high fee structure and no financial aid services then try to go for another university.


Location factor matters too especially for the students who do not have cars. Most of the students do not own a car in a student life so do consider the factor of location while choosing the university. If university is very far from your  home then it can be a real issue for you. You will have to wake up early and spend a lot of money on transport so It’s better to opt the university that is not very far from your home.

Practical Assistance:

If your degree demands practical work then do make it sure that a university has labs that can provide assistance to you. For instance if you have opted media sciences as your degree then without studios and labs it wont be possible to complete the degree in a best possible way.

So these were the factors that you need to consider while choosing the Best University. In my opinion any university can be a best university for you if it is favoring all the factors that are mentioned above.

Last but not the least, choose your university wisely. Take your time and choose it after all the research.

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