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NUST Entry test is a test that students need to pass to secure admission in NUST. Nust Entry Test is considered to be of the most difficult entry tests. Today in this blog I will share some tips that will provide assistance to the students who want to secure good marks in NUST Entry Test (NET ). For more information please keep reading the blog.

Nust Entry test


NET stands for NUST entrance test. The vital part that needs to be discussed here is that NET is conducted three times a year. If you avail all your chances and give NET  three times a year then NUST will use your highest score from all the attempts. Although most of the students only give the NET 3 alone but I don’t think that’s a good idea because it lessens your chances to secure admission.

 If you apply for NET two or three times a year then you become familiar with the time constraints, test pattern, types of questions involved in the test and obviously this exposure increase your chance of getting admission in your dream university. And please keep in mind that NET is not as difficult as it seems to be. With hard work everything is possible .

Test pattern for NET

  • Mathematics=80 MCQs
  • Physics = 60 MCQS
  • Chemistry = 30 MCQS
  • English 20 MCQS
  • Intelligence =10 MCQS

Now lets get to the main point:

Practice is the main key here.  Downdload the past papers of NET and analyze them. The very first thing you will realize after practicing the past NET Papers is that for most of the time they are concept based papers.

Practicing the past papers will help you in analyzing the time length too. If you know how long it takes to solve the paper , then it can be really helpful to you on the entry test day.

Now moving on towards the Important chapters:

Important chapters:


FSC Part 1

  • Chapter :2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10

Fsc  Part 2:

  • Chapter : 12
  • Chapter: 13
  • Chapter : 14
  • Chapter : 15
  • Chapter  : 16
  • Chapter : 19
  • Chapter : 21


FSc Part 1:

  • Chapter : 3
  • Chapter :4
  • Chapter :6
  • Chapter : 7
  • Chapter : 8
  • Chapter : 12

FSc Part 2 :


Conics chapter is very important

Please do not forget to learn the theory portion that is given in the start of every chapter.

Chemistry :

FSc Part-1 :

  • Chapter  3,
  • Chapter 4,
  • Chapter 5,
  • Chapter 6,
  • Chapter 8,
  • Chapter 11
    FSC PART-2 :
  • Chapter  1,
  • Chapter 3,
  • Chapter 4,
  • Chapter 7,
  • Chapter 8,
  • Chapter 9,
  • Chapter 10,
  • Chapter 11,
  • Chapter 12,
  • Chapter 13,
  • Chapter 14

Intelligence Questions:

  • Please remember that NET intelligence portion consists of the MCQs related to directions, odd one out ,Analytical approach, , critical thinking & coding/decoding.

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