Top 10 BEST Private Universities In Lahore

In this blog we will be looking at the best private universities present in Lahore, Pakistan.We will include all of the famous and best private universities present in Lahore and as Lahore’s universities are considered some of the best for the whole of Pakistan, that applies here as well. We will not be considering private medical and engineering universities but rather the ones offering different fields.

You can read my blog about the Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Lahore as well. So we will be ranking the best private universities in Lahore so you should know in which university you should apply for and take admission if secured.

Best Private Universities in Lahore

1. Lahore University Of Management Sciences

Lahore University of Management Sciences is a private and not-for-profit research university. It was founded by Syed Babar Ali in 1984 and its campus is located in DHA Phase 5، Khayaban-e-Jinnah Road.

The university also offers National Outreach Program (NOP) to provide financial aid to students. It is regarded as the best university for business studies in Pakistan. Its MBA program is notable especially while LUMS also has a strong alumni culture.

As of QS rankings 2016, LUMS is on the top ranking, 110th in Asia and among top 700 in the World. It is also among top 250 universities globally for business studies top 400 in mathematics. Also, it is one of the most expensive and best private universities of Pakistan which should be taken into account.

lums 1 | Top 10 BEST Private Universities In Lahore | PrepareHOW

You can visit LUMS site here.

2. University of Management and Technology

University of Management and Sciences is one of the best private universities located in Johar Town, Lahore. It is recognized by HEC Pakistan. UMT was established in 1990 as a project of Institute of Leadership and Management (IMT). The private uni offers 125+ bachelors, masters and doctoral programs in which BS Electrical Engineering, BSCS and business studies are noticeable.

 There are two campuses, one main campus and the sub campus in Sialkot. As of QS Rankings, it is included in top 500 universities of Asia.

You can visit UMT site here.

3. Minhaj University Lahore

Another one of the best private universities with a history, Minhaj University is a private university located in Township Lahore. It was founded by Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in 1986 as one of the educational branches of his welfare organization Minhaj-ul-Quran. It has two campuses; both are in Lahore.

The university offers bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degree on a number of subjects including Economics and Management Sciences, Basic Science and Mathematics, Social Science and Humanities, Computer Science and Information Technology, Languages, Islamic Studies and Shariah. It is ranked as W3 category by HEC.

You can visit MUL site here.

4. Hajvery University

Hajvery University was established in 2002. It is named after Muslim Sufi Ali Hajvery (Data Ganj Baksh). It has three campuses, of which two are in Lahore and one in Sheikhupura. One campus is under construction in Multan and one is to be planned for Dubai, UAE.

It offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (e.g diplomas) ,bachelor degrees, The university is among the top 100 universities of Pakistan.

You can visit HUP site here.

5. University Of South Asia

University of South Asia or USA is one of the best private universities for BSCS in Lahore. Although it offers other subjects, but it was established in 1987 as a computer training institution with the name of National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS). Still studying computer science and business subjects is compulsory for student studying any other subject.

The university has total three campuses which are in Lahore (Cantt Campus, Raiwind Campus and Burki Campus). It is also included in top 100 universities in Pakistan and top 10000 in World and you can visit USA site here.

south asia | Top 10 BEST Private Universities In Lahore | PrepareHOW
USA Lahore

6. University Of Central Punjab

The University of Central Punjab or UCP is a private university in Lahore. It is a part of project of Punjab Group of Colleges. The university was established in 2002.

It has nine distinct faculties for subjects ranging from engineering, engineering technology, computer science, information technology, pharmacy to business, finance, commerce, media, law and life sciences meaning there are many different faculties to choose from.

The university has only one campus covering an area 500000 square feet on Khayaban-e-Jinnah Road. HEC has ranked this university as 9th best university in Lahore for business studies and you can visit UCP site here.

7. University Of Lahore

University of Lahore was founded by IBADAT educational trust in 1999 and it covers a range of subjects including Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences. The university has total 7 campuses, two in Lahore, two in Islamabad and one in Gujrat, Pakpattan and Sargodha.

UOL is one of the best private universities in Pakistan so it is included in highest W4 category by HEC. As of QS rankings 2018, UOL is among top 1000 universities in World and 251st in Asia and you can visit UOL site here.

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8. Institute Of Management Sciences, Lahore

IMS Lahore also known as Pak-American Institute of Management Sciences is one of the best private universities as well and is located in Gulberg Lahore. It was established in 1987 as project of AKEF.

The private university has two campuses and has total six departments on subjects including computer science, management sciences, law, physics, English literature and mathematics. It is ranked 14th by HEC for business studies. The fee structure of IMS Lahore is quite reasonable.

best private universities

You can visit IMS site here.

9. Lahore Leads University

Lahore Leads University was founded by Leads Educator Welfare Trust and was established in 1995. It is a relatively small university comprising of 2000- 2999 students.

LLU offers bachelors and master’s program on subjects including business management, accounting and finance and computer science. It is among top 150 universities in Pakistan and you can visit its site here.

10. Superior University

Superior University is a private university located in Lahore. It was established in 2000. It is chartered by Government of Punjab, Pakistan and recognized by HEC. It has 20000+ enrolled students, 17000+ alumni and 300+ faculty members.

It is ranked 2nd in Punjab and 7th best university in Pakistan according to HEC.

You can visit its site here.


These are some of the best private universities located in Lahore. I hope that you will find this list stating some facts (QS rankings, courses offered) about the best private universities informative and hope that it will lead you to choose your university and follow a successful career path.

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