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ETEA stands for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency , ETEA can be defined as the educational unit that was established in 1998 by the government of KPK. If you are a student who wishes to get admission in the public sector medical institutes  of KPK then you have to go through KPK ETEA entrance test . Vast majority of students take this test every year.


The test is based on the courses of FSc and A levels  and I includes the subjects ofPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. To apply for UET Peshawar ETEA is a must requirement. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind is that ETEA is a extremely competitive and challenging test . Hard work is a key to success.


Minimum 60% marks are compulsory to appear in ETEA test.

If you have Domicile of KPK, Azad Kashmir and Northern Area then you can apply ETEA

Test Format:

The test consist of 200 MCQ’s designed from the FSc syllabus.The negative marking is also an option in their test. For every correct answer you get 4 marks. But if your answer is wrong then 1 marks will be deducted.

For medical admission test:

  1. Physics  -60 MCQ’s
  2. Chemistry  – 60 MCQ’s
  3. Biology –  60 MCQ’s
  4. English  – 20 MCQ’s

For Computer Engineering test:

  1. Physics- 60
  2. Chemistry- 60
  3. Computer Science- 60
  4. English: 20

For General Engineering Test:

  1. Physics- 60
  2. Chemistry- 60
  3. Mathematics- 60
  4. English- 20

How to calculate for ETEA :

ETEA medical test has negative marking.

 Every correct answer will result in 4 marks

 Every wrong answer will result in deduction of-1 marks

 If for instance you give 90 correct answers, 50 wrong answers and leave 60 blanks ( no answer) then he/she would receive the following :

90 x 4 + 50 x (-1) + 60 x (0) = 360 – 50 + 0= 310.

 Total ETEA Test : 800 Marks

ETEA Aggregate:

 If you  have secured good marks in ETEA then the next step is calculation your aggregate to find out your chances of getting the admission

ETEA aggregate is on the whole a percentage ,based on following three:

  • Matric marks
  • F.Sc marks
  • ETEA marks

For Medical Students :

According to KMU ( Khyber medical university ) , the merit is calculated by the following method:

50% ETEA

40% FSc

10% SSC

For instance if Student has held 920/1100 in SSC ,

 900/1100 in F.Sc

 500/800 in ETEA then you can calculate the aggregate by the aggregate formula:


a=(920/1100)×10 = 8.18

b=(900/1100)×40 = 32.72

c=(500/800) ×50 = 31.25

Aggregate = a+ b+ c = 72.15

 Same formula mentioned above can be used for Engineering students as well. For more information related to calcualtion please visit ETEA aggregate calculator

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