Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program Guidance

EHSAAS Undergraduate scholarship

Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program can be stated among one of the HEC Need based Scholarship. Ehsaas scholarsip is granted to the students who want to pursue studies after F.A/FSC but are unable to , because of financial barriers. This scholarship provide university tuition fee and stipend to the students with limited financial resources. For more information please keep reading the blog.

Ehsaas undergraduate Scholarship :

It is one of the significant project funding under Government of Pakistan’s Ehsaas social safety net program which aims to offer  undergraduate scholarships to the students who have limited financial resources.

Eligibility Criteria :

How to apply for Ehsaas undergraduate program:                                         

Supporting documents for ehsaas undergraduate program:

Submit the application form with the supporting  documents in the student financial aid office of university.


Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Package :

Universities with the facility of EHSAAS Undergraduate scholarship:

If you are enrolled in one of the universities mentioned below, you are eligible for EHSAAS Undergraduate scholarship program .

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