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Federal Medical and Dental College is one of the highly reputed medical colleges of Pakistan. PrepareHOW is here to guide and help you with your admission in FM&DC. Keep visiting our website for latest updates for admission in Medical colleges. MDCAT and merit lists are available on our pages.

Federal Medical and Dental College

Only Lucky 100 candidates get seats in FM&DC In these 100 seats the seats quota for provinces in fixe according to the guidelines of the government. FM&DC is relatively new and their first batch graduated in 2018. This college is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU), Islamabad. Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) is the main affiliated hospital. Federal General Hospital has been upgraded to provide for more clinical learning opportunities for the students.

Admission Criteria and Admission Process

Eligibility of the candidates is dependent upon their intermediate marks. At least 60% marks are required to be a possible candidate for Federal Medical and Dental College. Another important thing to be noticed is that the major of the students applying for Medical college must be Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The students appearing in maths in FSc who do not give the exam of biology in FSc are not eligible for this university. Whereas, some students in A-Levels take both Maths and Biology as their major subjects; those students are eligible for the university admission. But, A- Levels student must have their IBCC certificate for the eligibility.

NTS (NAT-IM) is a National Aptitude Test comprising of MCQs. This test is mandatory for the applicants.

The test is of 90 multiple choice questions and the students are given 120 minutes to attempt the test. The test has 2 Sections: first is the general part (Verbal Section) consisting of Antonyms, Synonyms, English Correction, Reading Comprehension and the second is subjective part which consists of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. English have the least weightage in FMDC tests. Many the big cities have FMDC test centres.

Some basic facilities at FMDC

Some basic facilities are provided on campus such as an amazing cafeteria for the refreshments. Hostel facilities for Girls and Boys are available on campus. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and Student societies are also there for the nourishment of interpersonal skills on the students.

Basic tips and reminders

PrepareHOW wants to remind you that getting into a reputed medical university is not a child’s play. Consistency in effort to prepare for the entry test is an essential element for succeeding in scoring the admission. Applicants are advised to pitch in the time and effort and are advised to fix a time of attempting mock exam which maybe these past papers so that they are able to complete the paper in time in the real case scenario. This consistency attribute is not only limited to the entry test preparation but also it is important for scoring good grades in the university. A lot of students when they score an admission in a university they stop working harder as they have a perception that they can not be dropped out if they do not score well. But, it is a big misconception! If you studied hard for the entry test, you will have to study harder for the university exams.

Students are also advised to attempt these past papers in 120 minutes as the time for FMDC entry exam is also 120 minutes.
Setting an appropriate study environment in also important to concentrate on the exam and give a full attempt at once.

Fedral medical and DEntal college | Solved FMDC Past Papers | Free PDF Download for Medical | PrepareHOW
For more details visit FM&DC website

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FMDC Past Papers:

Download FMDC Past Papers 2012

Download FMDC Past papers 2012 onwards

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