Top Art Colleges in Pakistan:

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Today in this blog you will get to know about top art colleges in Pakistan. This blog will provide assistance to the students who want to pursue their career in Arts. For more information please read the whole blog.

Top art colleges in Pakistan

Here is the list of top art colleges in Pakistan

Top art colleges in Pakistan

National College of Arts :

The national College is one of the oldest public universities in Pakistan. This art institute is located in Lahore, Punjab. NCA offers a wide range of Undergraduate/post graduate degrees and diplomas in arts and design. NCA is famous for producing finest miniaturists, architects painters, artists, directors, producers and musicians.NCA is categorized among of the top colleges in Pakistan.

Karachi School of arts:

Karachi School or arts is a name of excellence. It is located in Karachi, sindh Pakistan. Karachi school of arts holds a title of being the first  private academic center of art in the country. Highly accredited bachelor programs are offered in textile design, arts , digital media etc.

Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture:

Indus valley school of art and agriculture is one the most popular art University. It is located in Karachi. The university got established in 1989. A vast no of undergraduate programs and diplomas are offered by Indus valley school of art and agriculture.

National Academy of Performing arts:

National Academy of performing arts has made it’s name in a very short span of time. This academy was found in 2005. It is an institution which is very well known for enriching creative and artistic  talent of individuals. The academy teaches arts and music to it’s students with excellence.

School of Creative Art (SOCA)

School of creative art, university of Lahore is very famous for it’s prime quality of education that is provided to the students. SOCA offers variety of Undergraduate and graduate degrees to the students. If you want to go for media sciences/ mass communication SOCA is a great choice.

Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences and Technology

Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences and Technology  is located in Pakistan. This university can be stated as the unique university which uses urdu as the medium of instruction. University was founded in 2002. FUUAST offers degrees to students in arts, science and technology.

Beaconhouse National University – BNA

Beaconhouse National university holds a title of being one of the finest art institutes in Pakistan. BNA regardless of being the very new institute founded in 2003, has produced a wide no of talented artists since it’s emergence. This university is ranked among one of the top art colleges in Pakistan.

Pakistan institute of Fashion and Design:

This institute is a public design institute that is located in Johar Town, Lahore. The Pakistan institute of fashion and design offers degrees in fashion design, jewellery design, product design, and fashion marketing and textile design.

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