Schools Will Not Reopen on 1st june 2020 – Schools Reopening in Pakistan

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This blog is about the daily updates about Exams and Schools Reopening in Pakistan. Read the latest updates about the schools, exams, educational ministry and impact of corona virus on academic timetable here.

7th May Update – Students Will Be Promoted to 12th Grade – Video by 24 News.

Schools Reopening in Pakistan – Video (6th May Update)

A meeting by the Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood was called today, on May 6th, 2020, about Schools Reopening in Pakistan. All the education ministers from different provinces were in the meeting. According to sources, Punjab, Sindh & Balochistan Oppose Opening Of Schools From June 1 2020, while KP have opposed the closure of the schools. The matter is still under National Coordination Committee and the final news about schools reopening in Pakistan will be announced tomorrow.

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