Top 15 Medical Institutes in Pakistan

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Today in this blog we will share the latest information about top  15 Medical Institutes in Pakistan ( Government + Private). Please note that every  information shared here is authentic and confirmed from the website and no special preference is given to any institute. Blog is written with the aim of helping students. Read the full blog for the information related to Medical Institutes in Pakistan.

Medical Institutes in pakistan

Top 15 Medical Institutes in Pakistan:

The universities mentioned below are categorized as top medical institutes in Pakistan by HEC.

Aga Khan University :

Starting from the name of quality, Aga Khan University which is also known as AKU. Aga Khan university is a private medical institute and it is located in Karachi. This institute has accredited programs in countries like Uganda , Tanzania and Kenya. AKU is categorized among one of the Best Medical institutes in Pakistan because of its supreme quality of education and high merit. For more information related to AKU Please visit the website.

Quaid e Azam medical College.

Quaid e Azam medical college is famously known public institute located in Bahawalpur. Although QMU doesn’t require any introduction but for the sake of information you all should know that Quaid e Azam University is categorized among the list of best 100 university from the emerging countries. So to secure admission in QUA striving hard is the only option. For more details visit QUA.

Army Medical College:

Army medical college is a dream institute for many students. Students must know that AMC is a constituent college of NUST. Merit is high but with hard work comes ease. Army Medical College offers admission to cadets and civilians. It is a military institute and offers Undergraduate and Post Graduate degrees to students. For more information you can visit the  AMC website by clicking here.

Kind Medical Edward University:

It would be unfair to not mention that Kind Medical Edward University is one of the oldest institute of Pakistan and yet it has never compromised on the quality of Education. KMEU is located in Lahore. King Medical Edward University is very much known for the fact that the quality of education in institute is prime. But students should know that Kind Edward University Closing Merit is pretty high. For more information please visit the website by clicking here.

University of Health and Sciences:

University of health and sciences is a name that doesn’t demand introduction. It is categorized among one of the best medical universities in Pakistan. UHS is a public research university with more than 85 institutes affiliated with it. A name of quality education for sure. For admission and details visit UHS.

Khyber Medical University :

Khyber Medical University is one of the institutes that have made their name is a very in a short span of time. This University was established in 2007 and yet it is categorized among one of the Best Medical Universities in Pakistan , astonishing right? You all must know that a no of medical institutes are affiliated with Khyber Medical University. KMU is a public university, that is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa .If you want to secure admission in this university you will really have to strive hard. Go and have a look at a website by clicking here.

National University of medical Sciences:

National University of Medical Sciences also known as (NUMS) is one of the most prestigious medical  institute of Pakistan. It is a public institute that offers quality education to it’s students . NUMS Entry test is considered as difficult one. But as I mentioned before hard work leads to success. For more Information please click here.

DOW University of health and sciences:

Who can forget DOW University of Health and Sciences while making the list of best medical Institute of Pakistan. DOW is surely a name of excellence in the category of medical institutes. DOW is ranked as the 3rd best medical university by HEC. DOW University of health and sciences is  a public university that is located in Karachi. Students who wish to know the eligibility criteria and fee structure of DOW in the easiest words possible can read the blog I have written on DOW university Of health and Sciences. You can also visit the website by simply clicking here.

Baqai Medical University:

Baqai Medical University is a private university located in Karachi. Most of you must be familiar with Baqai Medical Hospital , very famous for treating diabetic patients. BMU is categorized among of the top medical institutes in Pakistan. and it is also famed for the seminars arranged by University to provide information to the students of medical field. For more information please visit the BMU website

Bolan Medical College:

Bolan Medical College is a  public institute located in Quetta. It has gained prominence due to the fact that it provides medical degree in a variety of fields. Students must know that it is affiliated with CPSP. For admissions and details click here.

Ziauddin University:

Ziauddin University is a private university that was established by Dr Ziauddin in 1995 and in a very short passage of time this institute has gained the importance. HEC has ranked Ziauddin University among of the top medical institutes of Pakistan. For students who want to pursue their career in Bio-Medical Engineering , Ziauddin University is an excellent choice. For more information visit the website.

Services Institute of medical sciences:

The credit for establishing  Services Institute of Medical Sciences commonly known as SIMS ,goes to Dr Faisal Masud. It is a public Institute located in Lahore. SIMS is attached with the Service Hospital and also affiliated with UHS. For more details please click here.

Gandhara University :

Gandhara University is a private university located in Peshawar. It is recently ranked among the top 10 medical Universities in Pakistan. GU was established in 2002 and in the short passage of time it has made the name because of the prime quality of education. For more information visit GU.

Isra University:

Isra University is a private university formed by Isra Islamic Foundation. HEC has ranked Isra university as the 6th Best Medical University in Pakistan. It offers education in various medical field. For details visit Isra University Website

Liaquat University of medical and health sciences:

LUMHS is categorized among one of the oldest universities of Pakistan. It is categorized as the 8th best medical university of Pakistan by HEC. It is a public sector university that is located in Jamshoro, Sindh. For more information kindly visit LUMHS.

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Hey, Such a valueable content for those who are looking for the Best medical colleges in Pakistan. After the Intermediate Exams alot of Student are just confused, Which private medical college is best for MBBS or Bds.
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