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Today in this blog you will get to know about all the authentic information related to GRE Test. Most of the students have very minute knowledge related to GRE Test. So in this blog we will try to eliminate your confusion related to GRE Test as much as possible.

GRE Test


GRE Test stands for Graduate Record Examination. GRE is an international test which is administered by ETS. It is a test which does a assessment of student. GRE test students critical thinking, analytical thinking, verbal reasoning and quantitative  reasoning skills.

GRE Test duration:

3 Hours and 45 minutes

GRE Test Sections:

The GRE test is divided into three sections:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing

Quantitative Reasoning:

This section comprises of 20 Questions per sections and the time allowed to complete the section is 35 minutes. Basically it helps in recognizing the ability of students in standard mathematics concepts.

Verbal Reasoning :

The Verbal section comprises of the 20 Question in each section and each section you are given a time period of 30 minutes.. Types of questions in verbal reasoning includes:

  • Reading  comprehension
  • Completion of Texts
  • Equivalence of the sentence

Analytical Writing:

This analytical comprises of the two sub section. Each section comprising of different writing tasks that need  the 30 minutes evaluation.

  • In First part you have to analyze an issue
  • In second section you have to analyze an argument

TEST Choices:

Candidates are given the choice to give the test on paper or on computer.

Test time  varies according to the version students choose.

Paper best GRE test :

Paper version has two verbal and quantitative sectionS. It usually takes more time to solve paper based test.

Computerized GRE Test:

In computerized GRE Test , the score is shown immediately after the question is being answered. When student give the wrong question , the next question becomes slightly less difficult. The case is different for the right answer. When student give the right answer , the next question that pops up on screen is bit difficult.

GRE 2020 dates:

Registration for 2020–21 GRE Subject Test will start on July 1, 2020.

Registration fee:

Subject test = 205 USD

General test = 150 USD

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