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FAST university

Are you one of the students who wish to secure admission in Fast University. But have a very minute knowledge related to the programs offered and the criteria set by Fast University. Then there is nothing to get worried about, this blog will provide assistance to you. For more information please keep reading the blog.

Fast University:

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, also usually known as FAST ” Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology “, is a Non-Profit and Private University in Pakistan. Fast University is one of the best Universities in Pakistan, especially if you want to go for computer sciences then this university is an excellent choice for sure, It has 5 campuses located in different cities.

Fast University offered programs:

Fast University offered programs

ProgramsChiniot FaisalabadIslamabadKarachiLahorePeshawar
Bachelors of Business administrationyesYesYesYes 
BS Accounting and financeYesYesYesYes 
BS Computer ScienceYesYesYesYesYes
BS Electrical EngineeringYesYesYesYesYes
BS Civil Engineering   Yes 
Master of business administrationYes YesYes 
MS Accounting and finance   Yes 
MS Computer Network and Security YesYes  
MS Computer Science  YesYesYesYesYes
MS Civil Engineering   Yes 
MS Data Science YesYesYesYes
MS Electrical EngineeringYesYesYesYesYes
MS Applied linguistics   Yes 
MS Mathematics   YesYes
MS Management  Science Yes   
MS Software Engineering Yes   
MS Software Project Management  YesYes 
PHd Computer Science        –YesYesYesYes
PHd Electrical Engineering       –YesYesYesYes
PHd Software Engineering      –  Yes 
PHd Mathematics Sciences      –Yes Yes 

Yes indicates that the campus is offering the program.

Now moving towards the Fast Test Pattern

FAST Engineering Test guide:

FAST CS Test guide:

Eligibility Criteria Set by Fast University:

BS (Civil Engineering/Electrical Engineering)


Selection Criteria for BS (Civil Engineering/ Electrical Engineering):

Admission on the basis of NTS-NAT Marks

Admission on the basis of NU Admission Test:

NU Admission Test :

NU Admission test is an admission test taken on a computer. For more information related to NU Admission Test click here :

NU Admission test

Admission on the basis of SAT score:

BS (Computer Science):


 BS Computer Science Selection Criteria:

Admission on the basis of NTS-NAT Marks:

Admission on the basis of NU Admission Test:

Admission on the basis of SAT score:

BBA/BS (Accounting & Finance)


Selection Criteria for BBA/ Accounting and finance:

Admission on the basis of NTS-NAT Marks

Admission on the basis of NU Admission Test

Admission on the basis of SAT score

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