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Alas we start another Fall Semester GIKI, we’d like to take an article to look back at all the highlights and milestones that went by the latter half of 2016. A not so comprehensive list that’s especially sure to cover for the alumni and the nerd crowd that didn’t bother leaving their rooms this semester.
GIKI isn’t a huge place but it is an eventful one. So much so that things are constantly happening around you that it’s impossible to keep up with everything and that’s where we plan to come in.
So, presenting to you guys, a quick version of all you might have missed this semester.

Hot & Spicy Opened Up

When we first heard the news of Hot and Spicy opening up, we really couldn’t help noticing a buzz amongst people of the new franchise. Located between Raju’s and Ayyan Gardens, we’re already curious to see how the new competitor will rank up against the other in the business. Oh, and we have our fingers crossed for good food too!


GIKI BlogPost was Born

What started off as an idea in the library between two people came to reality within a span of a few months when the whole initiative took the institute by storm averaging thousands of views per post with no signs of slowing down, something neither of the persons anticipated. GIKI BlogPost thanks it’s readers for all the positive feedback and suggestions that led it to become a cultural trend in the lives of Gikians everywhere and it certainly wouldn’t have been the same without our readers.



With the Rector pitching the idea, GIKI Sports Society organized the first ever inter-faculty sporting event, the GIKI Cup, that shot to massive popularity within a few short days. The week-long event covered a wide range of sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, squash and badminton with Mechanical Engineering lifting the silverware for the most overall wins (brains and brawns apparently…). It’s already got most of us excited for next year where it’ll come down to good ‘ol ME either retaining or crowning a new champion.


The semester of the Concerts

ACM had Noori and Umar Imtiaz for their SOFTCOM, SOPHEP‘s GIMUN welcomed Ali Azmat, IET hadSahara UK at their Innovation Summit and the Science Society had the infamous Nescafe Basement at their 4th ISYS. All of these artists put up memorable performances with the likes of and blasting through the walls of the Auditorium paired with the cheers and screams of the ever enthusiastic GIKI crowd and participants, memorable nights already and we’re barely halfway through the academic year, with more events guaranteed to come in the next months.

You can watch their performance at the institute here:
Umar Imtiaz: https://goo.gl/hFWjqM
Ali Azmat: https://goo.gl/0C5HhB
Noori: https://goo.gl/9LAUHq
Nescafe Basement: https://goo.gl/LRnJ3LSahara UK: https://goo.gl/JuYgP2


More concert.jpg

Team Achievements

It has been a busy semester for teams in GIKI. We saw a new team added to the mix, Team Infinity, a formula team with the objective of competing at F-SAE came into being. whereas Team Invictus prepares to gear up for representing institute and the only team from the country in the skies at the AIAA iDBFC’17 in the US. The Debate Team of GIKI also secured a spot for two teams at the grandest stage of debating, WUDC’17 in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, AIESEC  bagged an award for the best delegation at the NYDS’16 and finally, the Literary & Debating Society formed a new subsidiary by the name of Scribes to for handling the newsletter and reintroducing the GIKI magazine.


Washington Accord

Helicopters flying around the campus, a renovation of the guest house, LOGIK lighting up in the middle of winter and flags in front of the auditorium waving in all their glory. Those were some of the clear signs of something big coming and oh boy, were we right! The department of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering were up for review by the Washington Accord which would catapult them to the international standard making GIKI the second institute in Pakistan in holding the achievement despite many other universities still trying. Kudos ME and EE!


Attendance Locking policy

This semester marks the first where the attendance locking policy came into play, Attendances are uploaded within a day and are unchangeable after a 24-hour period. What’s annoying about this is that students have the added responsibility of logging into the course website daily to watch out for any mistakes since there’s only one guy handling most of the courses and that just spells out “Error-Prone”. Hopefully, there’ll be a better way of handling the situation in the near future.

P.s: 72 people had met their demise in the hands of the strict attendance policy in 132 courses.


The Cafe Introduced a New Dessert Menu

We don’t know about you guys, but this one definitely came out of nowhere for us. Right up till the e-mail detailing all the latest offerings. The cafe now offers cakes, cookies, and cupcakes to name a few that aren’t half bad frankly, we mean, given where we live, it’s definitely a step in the right direction and that’s enough to work for us.

With the introduction of campus jobs that have been taken up by the students of GIKI, it’s safe to say that the GIKafe management student team is doing its job pretty well. Here is the page established by them to keep you up to date with the latest happenings of GIKafe Here


GIKI Sends First Student for Exchange Under Mevlana

After signing multiple MoU’s with several of the leading universities around the world which include countries such as Turkey, South Africa, and the U.S. GIKI sent its first student, Mr. Gul Daraz to Sinop University, Turkey where he conducted MS research under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi. This hopefully also marks the fist of many to come in the near future.


CDES Paid Tribute In Terms of A Phenomenal Intra

The Cultural, Dramatics, and Entertainment Society hosted the Intra GIKI Performing Arts Competition 2016 in memory of their deceased member, Ali Haider Nizamani, who tragically left us this past summer. and boy, did they put up one heck of a show! A night that had emotions running high in the air that anyone could feel regardless of where you were sitting. Something truly remarkable indeed that goes on to show memories are forever and never fade.


The President of Pakistan  Addressed GIKI

If you missed out on this news, you either live under a rock or, are a hardcore sleeper. There was a general commotion around the institute when we heard the man behind the country will be joining us. President Mamnoon Hussain made his first appearance as the Chancellor of GIKI in December to hear about the recent achievements of the institute and later addressing the students on how they’re the future Pakistan needs and on how the only way now for the nation is up. Truly inspiring words Mr. President.


Google comes to GIKI

Back in September, Google visited GIKI targeting primarily young developers, designers, and bloggers. Netronix facilitating the event, ex-GIKian Waqas Burney, Manager (Web), strategic online partnerships & Ahmad Nawaz, Manager (Apps), strategic online partnerships gave a training seminar on Google’s monetization products.

GIKI was one of the 9 universities that Google decided to visit, for which the students were extremely lucky to have been recognized part of their efforts for this seminar. Google also distributed goodies like shirts, notepads and stylus-ballpoints(how epic is that?).

And yes, the GIKI BlogPost team was also present there and had it not been for their visit, we wouldn’t be here writing either.


Workshop Culture

Perhaps one of the most distinctive feature about fall 2016 were the workshops organized. It was one of the more positive steps which the student body and the administration had taken when it came to promoting professional excellence.

The Character Building Society had taken a wonderful initiative to empower experienced skilled students in transferring their know-how to the students around them while another society AIChE had organized a much needed CV building workshop by Dr. Cedric Aimal and that too before the internship season.

Aside from the posters in the image below, many more workshops were conducted by the faculties and societies, out of which AIAA’s annual Aeroplane modelling workshop was very well received.

All in all, this is one thing that should continue long into the future and we hope to attend more of these diverse and interesting workshops for times to come.

fall semester giki


This blog is taken from the GIKI BlogPost and all the credit goes to them. All thanks to GIKI Alumni Association and to the one and only Rayyan Zahid (Batch 24) – Vice President Marketing – GIKI Alumni Association.

Rayyan Zahid is serving a role that aims to grow and maintain one of the greatest collection of human capital in Pakistan. His responsibilities revolve around building a nexus of opportunities from a network consisting of 6000+ professionals from 70+ countries that are part of the alumni association. He also served as Assistant Manager E-Commerce for Reckitt Benckiser in the past and is currently settled as Climate Reality Leader in United States.

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