ETEA Entry Test is conducted once every year by ETEA (Education Testing Evaluation Agency) which is an organization that holds and conducts entry tests for both medical and engineering universities which are present in the province KPK (Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa). The ETEA entry test we are going to talk about today is the ETEA Entry Test for medical universities. We will be going through some brief information about it and covering the tips and tricks.


A Guide To ETEA

ETEA Entry Test date has been rescheduled to 18th October, 2020. This has been confirmed and you can further check by visiting KMU Site.

The online registration for the test has been extended till 21st September 2020 so make sure to apply as soon as possible if you havent already.

The format of this year’s exam is confirmed to be the exact same as last year’s ETEA entry test. It will be a paper based exam which is held simultaneously among different cities across KPK in one time. There are no extra dates for the exam, it is only held once.

The exam has 4 different portions which are mentioned down below along with their respective weight-age in the exam:

Biology (40 %) = 80 questions

Chemistry (30 %) = 60 questions

Physics (20 %) = 40 questions

English (10 %) = 20 questions

The test is expected to be 2 hours and 30 minutes long and will have no negative marking which is same as last year’s. The number of questions in the test will be 200. Nums Entry Test will have questions which are equal to one mark only.


Tips And Tricks

Past papers are very important for every entry test preparation and for ETEA, it is especially important as many questions from previous years are repeated and past papers are the best way to apply learnt concepts from the textbook and also give a general idea of the difficulty and type of questions asked.

It is also known that the ETEA test is higher in difficulty than other entry tests so you should be well prepared. You can also visit PrepareHOW or download the PrepareHOW app for past papers practice and availability.

Time management is very important for the test as the number of questions is 200 while the time given for the exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Most questions in the Biology section require careful thinking while the Chemistry and Physics questions require thorough concepts revision so time management has to be done carefully.

Since there are many chapters and topics in the course, care should be given to what topics are mentioned in the syllabus as studying for topics which are not included in the syllabus will be a waste of important time and energy.

This is very important. You should remain calm and remain focused on the exam during the exam. If you encounter any difficult question during the paper, just mark it by a pencil and solve it later, thus wasting less time and moving on to the next question.

However you should save enough time in the end to review the paper.

Practice for ETEA Entry Test can also be done online as there are many websites offering past papers and sample papers as well. You can also visit PrepareHOW Entry Test Preparation Website to prepare for the test by giving mock papers and are provided other preparation tools as well.

Since in this entry test, there will be no negative marking so it is advised to attempt all questions even if you may not know the answer. Luck may run in your favor and the answer may be right since there is no consequence of losing marks. You should also leave enough time to review the exam in the end and try to solve every question.

(Attached is this year’s advertisement for ETEA Entry Test, however the date mentioned in this advertisement is the old date, the new date is 18th October 2020.)

ETEA Advertisement


After reading the above mentioned tips I hope you would have a good idea of how and what to do regarding preparation and studying for ETEA Entry Test. Furthermore I would like to add that you should give maximum effort on your part and put your faith in God.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates, visit ETEA site and KMU site

You can also visit PrepareHOW for updates regarding NUMS Entry Test

You can also download the PrepareHOW app for preparation of NUMS test

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