10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations

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Chemistry is defined as the study of the composition and properties of elements and compounds, the structure of their molecules, and the chemical reactions that they undergo.

Chemistry is notorious for being the most difficult subject when students are asked about it. Though some people find it difficult, in reality, it is the most interesting subject. What makes it interesting is that nearly all the stuff one studies, in theory, can somehow be performed practically. In the world, we reside in nearly there isn’t anything that can’t get associated with chemistry. From making coffee to the combustion reaction in a rocket jet all the phenomenon’s can only get explained via chemistry.

Studies suggest that it is not the subject that is difficult. Often students lack the curiosity that is needed to fully appreciate the wonders of chemistry. Unlike in the past where the only viable way of understanding anything was books or tutors, now the possibilities are limitless thanks to the internet. With a few clicks, one can learn way beyond than ever thought by our predecessors. Things get more complicated when a person is presented with more than one choice. To make it easier for you I am listing a few wonderful websites and application names that are available across Android and IOS too.

Starting with

Periodic table Application:

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Periodic Table Logo

Periodic Table’s popularity is not just in Android and IOS stores. Anyone familiar with Chemistry knows the Periodic Table is the best tool for a chemist. Its importance is merely due to the fact it is quite hectic to remember the various trends elements follow in the periodic table. Not only that, remembering the atomic numbers and mass numbers followed by their electronegativity, valence electrons, and nature whether metals, non-metals, or metalloids is quite difficult. Having a specific Application of Periodic Table makes it a lot easier to find all aforementioned traits of elements.

Chemistry Pro – Notes, Dictionary & Elements:

image 3 | 10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations | PrepareHOW

Chemistry Pro – Notes, Dictionary & Elements Logo

After understanding different elements’ traits, the next step towards a better understanding of chemistry involves grasping various concepts. Concepts differ from facts as they require comprehending specific topics and presenting them in one’s preferred manner. This app does justice to chemistry learning by offering over 500 definitions and facilitating comprehension of numerous concepts. Additionally, it is accessible on the Google Play Store.

Molecular Constructor:

Molecular Contractor | 10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations | PrepareHOW

Molecular Constructor Logo

Different elements combine to form molecules or compounds. But the way they form bonds or interact with each other is rather complex to understand without visualization. Molecular constructor make it easier for users to understand the way different elements combine their bond structures and a lot more. It is a useful tool in the arsenal of chemistry students. Moreover, this app is available on the Play Store and iOS Store, ensuring accessibility for both Android and Apple users.

Chemical Substances: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry:

image 2 | 10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations | PrepareHOW

Chemical Substances App Logo

This app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It offers a user-friendly interface that assists in naming compounds by providing corresponding alphabets below the drawn structure. While the app’s title mentions organic chemistry, its primary focus is on naming inorganic compounds. Through dedicated practice, users can attain proficiency in naming even the most challenging compounds.

Inorganic Acids, Ions and Salts – Chemistry Quiz:

image 4 | 10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations | PrepareHOW

Inorganic Acids, Ions and Salts – Chemistry Quiz Logo

Various acid names are heard routinely whether they are concentrated or diluted. Acids are inorganic compounds and are named as per the naming scheme of inorganic compounds. One compound can bear more than one name but their structures are the same. To avoid naming confusion, this app, available in Android APK and iOS, does provide the easiest techniques and like other listed apps is mandatory to have in the arsenal.

Chemical Equation Balancer:

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Chemical Equation Balancer App Logo

Balancing the moles of reactants and products is the most important part of any chemical reaction equation. Basis stoichiometry knowledge is required in this regard. For beginners of chemistry, balancing the chemical equations can be quite challenging. However, there is a useful tool available called the chemical equation balancer, which can assist in simplifying the process. Its interface is designed to be user-friendly and facilitates a better understanding of the underlying principles. Additionally, it is available for download on Play Store, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Organic Chemistry Basics:

Sf8VRkxJj7SBZYV1ZWUdvmHwlzSW LVvZGnKKAdJ3nxaVbZtYo742x8foB ZFTT SdqZI419gm3ZIfMZMw5OFDFkf5ScI5ZfRL Ayllk8bwItpc2JWNbsJflO1u26DB2NP8vDVnaNBLy5pPnl1PAXoc | 10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations | PrepareHOW

Organic Chemistry Basics App Logo

Organic chemistry is the broad branch of chemistry that deals with the study of Hydrocarbons or the compounds of carbon and hydrogen. Unlike inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry follows a specific set of rules specified by IUPAC | International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Above 70 chemical reactions in different categories are included in this app including in those are.

Reactions of Alkanes Reactions of Alkenes Reactions of Alkynes Reactions of Alkyl Halides Reactions of Acid Chlorides

Reactions of Amines Reactions of Alcohols

Reactions of Aldehydes, Ketones Reactions of Carboxylic Acids Reactions of Esters

Reactions of Amides Reactions of Benzene Reactions of Phenol Reactions of Diazonium Salts

Reactions with their mechanism alongside the different text, colors are used to represent the Reactants, Products, or reagents.

Mechanisms by Alchemie – Organic Chemistry:

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Mechanisms by Alchemie App Logo

The word mechanism refers to the complete step-by-step procedure that a reaction undergoes during a reaction. Unlike the inorganic chemistry reactions, reactions in organic chemistry take place via various mechanisms like oxidation, substitution, elimination, reduction, or rearrangement while in the presence of reactive intermediates. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, all these hectic steps are made easier by the above app, facilitating a better understanding. Moreover, the app is available for download on both Android (APK) and iOS platforms.

Organic Chemistry Flashcards:

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Organic Chemistry Flashcards Logo

Organic chemistry is a broad field that encompasses a wide range of categories, including Alcohol, Aldehydes, carboxylic acids, and more. Due to its vastness, it can be challenging to remember all the details. To aid in reviewing the knowledge relevant to an organic chemistry course, the app mentioned can be downloaded for both Google and IOS platforms. This app serves as a valuable resource for users looking to refresh their understanding of organic chemistry.

Chemical Structures Quiz:

I3BzHNJ9Wrou8mYeO72dlK r85ZthHFzlztCgZs34FmU71iJTsPrkyiGK3hs8v | 10 Best Apps for Learning Chemistry or Chemical Equations | PrepareHOW

Chemical Structures Quiz Logo

Chemical Structures Quiz is the only app on our list that requires a payment, but the investment is worthwhile. All the knowledge leads to drawing structures appropriately, and this is where the above app proves invaluable. By paying a nominal fee of 2$, users can access a plethora of examples and gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of chemical structure. Moreover, this app is available for download on both Google App Store and Apple App Store, catering to a wide range of users.


With the advancement in technology, it is evident that learning has become a lot  more compelling in nontraditional ways. Even with the lack of adequate tutors, students can learn enough with the applications listed above.

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