NUST Need Based Scholarships and fee structure Guidance

Any queries related to NUST fee structure or Nust need Based Scholarship will be answered in this blog. This blog will provide assistance to the students who wish to apply for the NUST need based Scholarship .For more information please keep reading the blog

Nust need based scholarship

Fee Structure of National Students:

 Engineering/IT/Bio Sciences & Natural SciencesArchitecture, Social Sciences, and Business studies
Admission processing fee35,00035,000
Security Deposit10,00010,000
Semester Fee95,000110,000
​Miscellaneous Charges (per semester)27002700

“Harvard Business school licensing fee” Rs.7000 per year will be charged to undergraduate students of BBA and BS Accounting and Finance

Payment of Student Fees:

International Students in USD

Engineering, IT, Bio-sciences, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Business Studies & Social Sciences
Admission Processing FeeUSD 600
Tuition Fee ( per annum)USD 4700
Security DepositUSD 250
Health FacilitiesUSD 120

Points to keep in Mind:

Nust need based Scholarship

Aim of Nust Need Based Scholarship

Need Based Financial Aid Program aims to make NUST accecible for students who are selected purely on merit but are financially . The aim behind this program is nothing but to facilitate the students who are financially weak

 Need based financial aid provide assistance to Undergraduate and Masters students in form of:

Note :

Financial Aid Office (FAO) is located in H-12 Islamabad. You are welcome to visit the office at (09:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m) on all working days

Now the vital question that must be arising in your mind is :

How can you apply for Nust Need Based Scholarship, Don’t worry we are here to provide assistance.


Step 1:

NFAAF collects biographical and financial information in order to determine eligibility for financial aid. It includes:

Due date to submit NFAAF is very same as that of online admission application form(s). For more information please click here.

Applicants for this programs are required to attach soft copy of supporting documents mentioned above with NFAAF

Step 2:

Please do Submit Supp​orting Documents (in Hard Form) in FAO upon receiving​ an email from FAO. Mailing address is mentioned below:

Step 3:

A​ccept your provisional scholarship offer 

Step 4

 It is must for candidates to submit admission dues to  secure admission seat and avail scholarship slot,

Step 5

Candidates have to submit Deed Of Agreement​ in Financial​ Aid Office within the predetermined time period.

For more queries related to NUST need based scholarship and NfAAF CLICK HERE

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