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If any one of you have seen Shawshank Redemption then you would have heard the term institutionalized. Finding yourself on your own in a relatively unknown region, and realizing that you’ll be spending four years of your life here, you really do become institutionalized. Funny enough, after spending enough time, you really start missing this place. It’s the only place that gets better with time.

So we have come up with a list of the most interesting and unique phrases to GIKI which you probably will remember for the rest of your life.

11) We are the biggest society in GIKIgiki.jpg

By now you know the whole story don’t you? You’ve been woken up, your doors beaten down and your room littered with pamphlets that you don’t care about. After the first two weeks of intense anxiety and fear of ragging, you have been welcomed(bombarded) wholeheartedly by smiling seniors on behalf of the different societies in GIKI. And every single time, they make the same pitch to you – “Jani, we are the biggest society in GIKI“.

This my friend is a complicated matter. More complicated than even quantum mechanics. How can all the societies be the biggest society at the same time? What is the reference point for this claim? Who gave them this accolade? And what is the relevance of a BIG SOCIETY with a functional society anyway? All these are important questions but not to these guys and it’s least likely to be answered by anyone.  So better shut it and welcome them in your room.

10) Raju? Haan. Pizza, hostel  9. Theek hai10974563_10152809258564247_6579593345310873583_o

There is no place on Earth where a phone order is taken as fast as at Raju’s. Raju has taken fast food to a whole new level. A realm that transcends language and societal norms; a place where feelings for hunger and love for pizza communicates faster than the laws set forth by physics.

After a careful study, we have been able to decipher what Raju has been saying; between us calling out to him “Raju?” and letting him know in custom that “Pizza, hostel  9”. Though his answers often sound like just “Grah” and “Graw Wah”, we believe it means “Haan” and “Theek hai”.

Yet beautifully like how the iPhone has removed its headphone jack, and how the ministry removed words from language in the Orwellian world, Raju has removed the intimacy of flavors with the simplicity of one-pizza-order. 5 second flat convo and another 5 minutes till your order arrives, we present you Raju – the fastest order-taker alive.
(psst, some say Ayan is reverse Raju)

9) Average pay hoon1

There was a time when we were young and naive; when we fought for the top positions. And then GIKI showed us our place. We have made many excuses all our lives to feel special, but now we have grasped the true meaning of life – average pay hoon.

Believe it or not, we have all been there and we will be there because average is our savior; it’s salvation. It’s the phrase that we use to calm our nerves in the midst of crisis – average pay hoon. We know that life isn’t a sinking ship because- average pay hoon. Even those who score an absolute or two below average hold in their notion – average pay hoon. And since GIKI maintains the AVG GPA of any course at 2.7, average pay hoon is the levee of every GIKIAN.

8) Israr, Aik Medium Kela2

WHO IS ISRAR!? AND WHY ARE PEOPLE ASKING FOR MEDIUM KELAS FROM HIM? If you are confused, then you are not a GIKIAN and you probably need a dose of GIKI101. Israr is everything that is right in our life. And nothing more sounds wrong yet so right than this phrase. Because whether it’s night or day, warm or chilly, we are all down for a medium banana milkshake. Yes Israr is the milkshake guy. He is the guy who has single-handedly created a repute for himself by working day and night on the blender like a DJ on his mixer to create magic. Kudos to Israr.

7) Oye, Tuc Aja3

This one goes out to all the alumni, because in essence we are sure they miss this part of GIKI the most. Tuc is where friendships were brewed. It’s the cooking pot which uses joy, happiness, sadness and gloom as its faithful ingredients. This is where you go after a day of tiring classes or after a hectic lab at 6PM. The surge of urge to have tea in summers and hot chocolate in winters that stems after your horrible calculus quiz leads you to this place; EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It’s the hub of all societies and groups for treats, special birthday karahis and a some egging fun.
Oye, tuc aja!” and then we find even the geeks, the prob boys, and the theetas resist to this call, but they do eventually give in. You just can’t say no.

6) Topai Topai!!!4.jpg

This one’s instantly recognizable to all those who don’t fancy traveling via the GIKI-Bus. Whether you find yourself in need for local transportation to the campus or if you’re just going out for lunch on Sunday, hearing someone yelling this is an instant persuasion to hop on for some adventure into that one-road urban jungle! Soon enough, these words will be written on your mind like a tape recorder, and next time you go the bus station, you too will be making this ritualistic call. TOPAI TOPAI??

5) Proxy laga dena7.jpg

Let’s get everyone on the same page here. Nobody likes those totally ineffective 8am classes!  I mean seriously, who does? And…just, why? Unlike our shared despise of this so-called “torture method”, some students actually find the will-power to get themselves to their early classes even after staying up most of the night.  So it comes down to two options, pray your absentees are below 9 or, ask your friend for the easy way out.
So whether it’s an all night party or due to simply not finding the energy to get out of bed (especially those winter mornings!) hearing the phrase “proxy laga dena” wouldn’t be uncommon.
P.S: The consequences for putting a proxy and getting caught is 3-direct absentees instead of 1. We DO NOT recommend you going for this option. It isn’t worth the risk. Get your behind up from your bed and simply go to class.

4) Mattress tou yes karao10.jpg

Next to “We’re the biggest society in GIKI”, it’s fairly probable that you’ll be hearing about said society’s All-Pak coming right around the corner. With participants coming from pretty far-off places, organizers would want their event attendees spend the night with a roof over their heads. So they turn to you guys for your room. And if you find yourself unknowingly answering the door to a hand-full of seniors who’ll barge in and you  somehow manage to convince them you need it more, it’ll always come down to “At least mattress tou yes karao
P.S: It is good etiquette to give your room for the weekend(after taking the relevant precautions) to these societal events. The societies work very hard to pull off an event, and the least they could ask from you is your support as a GIKIAN. So help your brothers out.

3) Lala?6.jpg

What does the store guy, waiter, bus driver, guard and the cleaning guy and everyone else in the region have in common? We refer to them as the Lalas of the place. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s like uncle, brother, friend all conveniently rolled into one universal word. So if it’s hitching a ride or asking around for information or just simply talking, hearing the first line of the conversation from our end is guaranteed to start with a Lala. And the best part of it being is that they seem totally happy with the title so it should be a win-win, right?

2) Quiz is very easy…If you have done the assignment yourself.8.jpg

Anyone who has taken an MT quiz under Sir Shahid Ahmed’s tenure will find this line the most iconic and I mean why not? It’ll be announced at the start of every MT quiz for your entire freshmen year. The thing to note here is that the line itself holds some truth about life in GIKI and an even level of frustration for students who had to make do with copying that last assignment. So spare yourself from the regret, manage your time and complete all your assignments yourself.

1) AIESEC is not a society, it’s an organization (nay, it’s a way of life)5.jpg

There are certain things you’ll never forget until the very last day of your life. We’ve all studied biology at one point and if there’s one thing anyone’s learnt from that class it’s probably “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”. Similarly, AIESEC’s status as an organization will definitely be one of the few things left imprinted in your mind (if not the only!) for the rest of your tenure at GIKI right from semester 1.


A GIKI BlogPost Original

This blog is taken from the GIKI BlogPost and all the credit goes to them. All thanks to GIKI Alumni Association and to the one and only Rayyan Zahid (Batch 24) – Vice President Marketing – GIKI Alumni Association.

Rayyan Zahid is serving a role that aims to grow and maintain one of the greatest collection of human capital in Pakistan. His responsibilities revolve around building a nexus of opportunities from a network consisting of 6000+ professionals from 70+ countries that are part of the alumni association. He also served as Assistant Manager E-Commerce for Reckitt Benckiser in the past and is currently settled as Climate Reality Leader in United States.

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