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Army Medical College also known as AMC is a military institute that is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. AMC is one of the most prestigious medical colleges in Pakistan and in this blog we will be discussing on how to get admission in this college via medical cadet which is one of the more sought after ways to join the army as a doctor. I hope you will find this blog informative and you can leave any questions in the comments below.

army medical college

Army Medical College – Different Ways To Apply

There are 3 different ways to apply for Army Medical College which are

1) Admission by NUMS Entry Test

2) Admission via Paying Cadets (PC’s) { This is only for children of army officers}

3) Admission as Medical Cadets { This method we will talk about in detail and explain all the different procedures involved below}

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Admission as Medical Cadets

This is one of the more sought after admission methods in Pakistan’s medical field. The things which add weight to this topic is that the students involved in this admission procedure will end up studying MBBS/ BDS at Army Medical College and will join the Pakistan Army too.

Some other important details that you need to know about admission as medical cadets is that the medical cadets do not need to pay any tuition fees for their studies in AMC. All the financial burden is undertaken by the Pakistan Army and there is also military training along with your studies. After you have graduated from Army Medical College and completed your degree, you join the Pakistan Army for a designated period of time which is already fixed and signed upon beforehand.

So now since we have given some information regarding the perks and features of joining AMC as a medical cadet, i will talk you over the admission details and requirements for joining as a medical cadet.

How To Get Admission as Medical Cadet In Army Medical College | Army Medical College - Medical Cadet Important Information 2020 | PrepareHOW

Admission steps and procedures

1) Application

Firstly you have to apply for Medical Cadet from the Pakistan Army induction site. The advertisement for the procedure is announced beforehand and you can visit the site as well to learn about it. Applications usually start earlier and end in June/July.

You have to enter all you personal, academic details and qualifications and you will end up receiving an admit card which will have your written test date and time and location.

2) Intelligence Test

This test will be a computer based test which you will give in the army recruitment center. The test itself is pretty basic and nothing that is different from other entry tests. The test for Medical Cadet has 4-5 sections which include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Intelligence (IQ).

The test itself is MCQ’s based and there is no marking at all in the test. The test is based in this pattern that each different subject has its own designated time period and the questions for that section must be completed in that time. The questions in the test are not very hard and are designed to test your basic knowledge.

Upon completing the test, an on screen prompt will appear telling if you have passed or failed the test. As i mentioned before, there is no marking involved, if you have passed with more than 50%, you get selected forwards. You will then receive a reporting date for your physical test.

3) Physical Test

The physical test for army medical college medical cadet involves a set of physical exercises to determine your physicality. These are mentioned below:

1.6 km run in 9 mins

15 push-ups in 2 mins

15 sit-ups in 2 mins

5 pull-ups in 2 mins

Ditch crossing jump

Successfully passing these tests, you will be directed to the medical section for your medical test for army medical college.

4) Medical test

This is a medical test where army medical officials examine your body and note down physical conditions and etc. Successfully passing this, you will be called up for interview at a later date.

5) Interview

This is the interview for admission in Army Medical College as a medical cadet which is held by GHQ Selection Board themselves. A panel of army officials interview you and if you are successful in passing this which you will be informed at a later date.

After clearing all these tests, you will receive an offer to join Army Medical College as a Medical Cadet and join the army at the same time as well.


I hope you have fully understood the steps required to join Army Medical College as a medical cadet. If you want information about admission in Army Medical College, you can click on the link mentioned below.


You can also visit the Pak Army site about further information about eligibility and other details like date.

For Entry test preparation you can take assistance of PrepareHOW app.

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army medical college
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