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Today in this blog , you will get to know all the authentic information related to CSS Exams. Students who wish to or planning to give CSS Exams this year , can take assistance of this blog. For more information read the whole blog.

css exams

Starting from the definition of CSS


CSS stands for Central Superior services. CSS is conducted by FPSC . FPSC Stands for federal public service commision.

Moving on towards the eligibility criteria of CSS:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who have the HEC Recognized  degree of BA ,BS ,BSC or B.COM in any field can apply for CSS Exams. Its mandatory for students to pass one of the degree mentioned above with at-least 45 % marks or Grade C.
  • Age should not be less than 21 or more than 30.

Career Advice:

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Subjects :

CSS Exams consist of total 12 subjects

6 are compulsory

6 are optional

Compulsary Subjects in CSS Exams:

Total Marks = 600

  • English Essay = 100
  • English Precis and Composition = 100
  • General Science and ability = 100
  • Current affairs = 100
  • Pakistan Affairs = 100
  • Islamic Studies or Comparative Studies of Major religions (for non Muslims)

Passing marks for compulsory papers is = 40

Optional Subjects in CSS Exams:

Total Marks = 600

Students have to choose one subject from each group .

Group no 1:

Code noSubjectsMarks
11Accountancy & Auditing 200
13Computer Science200
14Political Science200
15International Relations 200

Group 2:

Code noSubjectsMarks
18Applied mathematics100
19Pure Mathematics100

Group 3:

Code noSubjectsMarks
22Business Administration100
23Public Administration100
24Governance & Public Policies 100
25Town Planning & Urban Management 100

Group 4:

Code noSubjectsMarks
26History of Pakistan & India 100
27Islamic History and Culture100
28British History 100
29European History100
30History Of USA100

Group 5 :

Code noSubjectsMarks
31Gender Studies100
32Environmental Sciences 100
33 Agriculture & Forestry 100
36English Literature100
37Urdu Literature100

Group 6 :

Code noSubjectsMarks
39Constitutional Law100
40International Law 100
41Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
42Mercantile Law100

Group 7:

Code noSubjectsMarks
45Journalism & Mass Communication100
46Psychology 100

Written paper:

  • The written exams consists of 1200 marks. 600 Marks are for Compulsory Papers . 600 marks are for Optional Papers.
  • Time allowed for each paper = 3 Hours
  • Each paper consist of two parts:
  1. Part 1: Objective( 30 minutes paper)
  2. Part 2: Subjective

Note :

  • Candidates must select optional  subjects carrying total of 600 marks
  • There will be two papers of subjects carrying 200 marks
  • Candidates need to  attempt on computerized OMR Answer sheet
  • Candidates need to attempt subjective questions on Answer Book.
  • Passing Marks for optional papers = 33
  • Passing Marks for Compulsory papers = 40
  • Candidates leaving even one Compulsory/Optional paper will not be allowed to sit in remaining papers.

For more information related to CSS , You can also watch the video related to the CSS Guide

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