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PrepareHOW – Free Entry Test Preparation

This is Hassan Abbas and I am a senior year Electronics Engineering student at one of the top tier engineering institution of Pakistan named Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. In this blog, I will try to cover up with the contribution PrepareHOW (an Entry Test Preparation App/Web based Platform)PrepareHOW Logo 1 300x300 1 | Preparehow- an effective helping hand | PrepareHOW is making towards helping students and giving back to the society in terms of providing equal educational guidance to many students appearing in different entrance test examinations such as ECAT, MDCAT, and NET etc.

What is PrepareHOW?

PrepareHOW came about from a simple ambition that educational opportunities can be made readily available for all. Each year hundreds and thousands students appear in the entry test examinations and face many struggles in the process. I am listing them down below and will explain next how PrepareHOW has tried to rectify them. The problems many students face are:

  • Missing important deadlines
  • Don’t know where to apply and where not to
  • Confused about where to start preparing from
  • Time Management Issues
  • Unavailability of Mock Tests

How is PrepareHOW helping students in Entry Test Preparation?

1. Missing Important Admission/Scholarships Deadlines:

PrepareHOW has many active social media platforms such as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where they are keeping the students updated about the deadlines for applying at various universities. Many students face this chaos when they due to any particular reason miss the date of applying to their dream institution. Due to this, either they waste one important year of their life or eventually involve themselves in a career which is not of their interest.

2. Don’t know where to apply and where not to:

Recently, PrepareHOW has started a chatbot services on their website as well as on their mobile phone application where your individual queries are being entertained. You can ask about the Entry Test Preparation Platform specifically or in general about admissions and/or scholarships etc. Moreover, there are more than 150 guidance blogs which are helpful to students of different genres whether they are from science background or from arts/commerce in deciding their careers by knowing the experience of many senior students.

3. Confused about where to start preparing from:

Many students don’t know the decorum they have to follow when preparing for a particular entrance test exam. PrepareHOW has provided solution to this problem and has incorporated 10,000+ questions on their website by jotting them down under specific portions which makes it easy to swallow the concepts as well as not overburden the students. For example, an ECAT student want to prepare the Mathematics portion first but doesn’t know which topics he should need to cover first considering in mind the past papers and important articles for ECAT. Here, PrepareHOW website and mobile application comes into play. For Entry Test Preparation, PrepareHOW has different mcqs portions under separate universities header designed specifically for this situation.

4. Time Management Issues in Admission Test:

Another important issue that many students face is the time management problems. When we were in our college, our teachers used to tell us that the time management comes from

  • Temperament
  • Confidence
  • Practice

While temperament and building confidence is a matter to be built over years, practicing a lot is in your hands. A phenomenal feature I would say the PrepareHOW has incorporated into their mobile application is the timing clock with each problem depending upon their difficulty level. This is the feature in which many similar educational platforms are lagging and is very important. Imagine of not completing the entrance test exam on time because you didn’t know the taste of solving questions keeping the time constraint in mind.

5. Unavailability of Mock Tests:

The final and the most important thing I would like to address is the availability of the mock tests of different universities such GIKI, UET, and NUST on the PrepareHOW Entry Test Preparation App/Web. It is always recommended that after preparing and going through the entire syllabus, you should particularly attempt the mock tests of your desired university. It can help you big time in being familiar with the patterns and difficulty level of the exam. PrepareHOW has once again taken the lead in this regard and have properly organized mock exams with the time constraint thing which gives you the actual flavor of the test.

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