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NUST Entry Test 2020-2021 All You Need To Know

NUST Entry Test

NUST is one of the renowned universities of Pakistan. Considering this, the entrance test for NUST is quite competitive because students from all over the country apply each year. But, in this blog, we will sum up important information regarding NUST Entry Test for Undergraduate students for this year.

Dates To Remember for NUST Entry Test NET 1

NET is conducted 3 times a year

  1. NET 1 which is a computer based test held only in Islamabad.
  2. And, NET 2 and NET 3 which are computer based in Islamabad and paper based in Karachi and Quetta.

Online registrations started for NET 1 on 25th of October and the last date to register is 25th of November 2020.

Entry tests will be held from 28th of November onwards till December in the main campus of Islamabad.

Dates To Remember for NUST Entry Test NET-2 2021

Online registrations of Net-2 are from 31 January 2021 to 1st March 2021.

Entry tests will be held from 6th of March onward in the main campus (Islamabad) and will held on 13th March 2021 in Karachi and Quetta.

Eligibility to apply for NUST Entry Test

Registration Process and Fee (for NUST Entry Test only)

A student can sign up and register for the test by clicking here. The application processing fee for the entry test is 3000 PKR or 35 USD.

Here is the method to apply for different programs for Undergraduate students.

# Programs Registration Fee for NET
1All Engineering 3000 PKR or 35 USD
2BS Mathematics Only 3000 PKR or 35 USD
3BS Physics Only 3000 PKR or 35 USD
4BS Chemistry Only 3000 PKR or 35 USD
5BS Architecture and Industrial Design 3000 PKR or 35 USD
6Business Studies and Social Sciences 3000 PKR or 35 USD

The above table summarizes the details regarding choosing your programs. If a student wishes to go for any Engineering program (#1 in table), the test is the same hence the fee is paid just once and the student can set their preferences according to their interest.

But if a student also wishes to apply for #1 and #2, then additional charges will be applied (i.e. 3000 PKR or 35 USD) because there will be two tests thus two times processing fee will be applied.

Similarly if the student wishes to apply for say #1, #3 and #6. In #1 and #6 preferences can be set but #3 is BS Physics only. The student will pay three times the original processing fee and give 3 tests.



Total = 200 marks (200 MCQs) and 3 hours time provided

BS Computer Science:

Total = 200 marks (200 MCQs) and 3 hours time provided

Business Studies and Social Sciences:

Total = 200 marks (200 MCQs) and 3 hours time provided

Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) / Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID)

BS Mathematics

BS Physics

BS Chemistry


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